How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 03 2001

''... ___ evil, speak ...'' SEENO
''And ___ Goes'' (Billy Joel song) SOIT
''Dumb'' one and namesakes DORAS
''Float like a butterfly, sting like ___'' ABEE
''I Love a Parade'' composer ARLEN
''Touched by an Angel'' star REESE
''Two Years Before the Mast'' author Richard Henry DANA
1950s White House monogram DDE
Actor Ray ALDO
Actor Rob LOWE
Actress Ryder WINONA
Addams' family cousin ITT
Address part STREET
Aria singer DIVA
Arranged by color SORTED
Atelier feature EASEL
Author Hemingway ERNEST
Bamboo lovers PANDAS
Banned activity NONO
Baobab and banyan TREES
Bart of football STARR
Battling insomnia AWAKE
Be prostrate, in the Bible LIETH
Beaked pods OKRA
Better suited APTER
Bird or fruit KIWI
Bowery-to-the-Bronx transport UPTOWNTRAIN
Breakfast brand to hold on to? EGGO
Calendario beginning ENERO
Campaign poster word ELECT
Capt. Picard's counselor TROI
Chicago exchange, for short MERC
Chronic complainer NAG
Clued in regarding ONTO
Coat of many colors wearer JOSEPH
Computer measure BYTE
Cosby's fat guy ALBERT
Couldn't go without NEEDED
Cry in ''A Streetcar Named Desire'' STELLA
Culture medium AGAR
Customary (Abbr.) TRAD
Damascus' land (Abbr.) SYR
Dieters' woes GAINS
Dixie component DEEPSOUTH
Dumas musketeer ATHOS
Econ. measure for a country GNP
Egypt's lifeline NILE
Emulates Chubby Checker TWISTS
Ex-orphan ADOPTEE
Famous canine LASSIE
Fiji's ___ island group LAU
Files litigation SUES
Finishes third SHOWS
First name in cosmetics ESTEE
First to round the Cape of Good Hope DIAS
Flightless birds RHEAS
Folksy greeting HOWDEDO
Fort Knox slab INGOT
Hardy heroine TESS
Heavy suit ARMOR
High-speed connection, for short DSL
Hold the deed to OWN
Hole-punching tool AWL
Honor the flag STAND
Instruction for the chef RARE
Is obviously asleep SNORES
Jet to Heathrow SST
Johnnycake PONE
Kett of early comics ETTA
King had a famous one DREAM
Liberal one LEFTWINGER
Like industrial parks ZONED
Like life, supposedly UNFAIR
Like some air-conditioning CENTRAL
Loses leaves or hair SHEDS
Low-spirited DOWNHEARTED
Made a statement SAIDIT
Make usable ADAPT
Medicinal plant ALOE
Middle Brady girl JAN
More spirited PEPPIER
Music that is downright Ludacris? RAP
Mythical part-goat creature SATYR
Name on many elevators OTIS
Nearly round OVAL
Not a hit MISS
O'Hare abbr. ARR
Oaters' milieu WILDWEST
Old Jutland resident TEUTON
One of the Allman Brothers DUANE
Open courtyards ATRIA
Opposite of edge MIDST
Pacific goose NENE
Part of a square RIGHTANGLE
Pier, in architecture ANTA
Plaintive sounds MOANS
Pooch in ''The Thin Man'' ASTA
Pops the question ASKS
Prefix for bodies ANTI
Pro-gun org. NRA
Prom transport LIMO
Proofreader's save STET
Puts out the candles BLOWS
Range rovers HERDS
Refer (to) ALLUDE
Related via one's mother ENATE
Remove a stock from the NYSE DELIST
Reverse of WSW ENE
Rib servings SLABS
Rosebud, for one SLED
Rounded part of a hammer PEEN
Russian despot TSAR
Sales rep's assignment, briefly RTE
Section of Manhattan EASTSIDE
September flowers ASTERS
Seth's son ENOS
Sharif or Epps OMAR
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Sidewalk hazard OPENSEWER
Site of the Ali-Foreman rumble ZAIRE
Snapshot finish (Var.) MATTE
Soothsayer SEER
Stylish bloke TOFF
Symbol of craziness LOON
Symbols of bondage YOKES
Texas leaguer? ASTRO
They're charged and exchanged IONS
This, se–ora ESTA
Title locale in a Cheech Marin film EASTLA
Top of the world NORTHPOLE
Tranquility and Sargasso SEAS
Tricky shot on felt MASSE
Trotsky of the October Revolution LEON
Trunks TORSI
Tuneful twosome DUET
Type of child ONLY
Type of seal EARED
Unfortunate Ford model EDSEL
Unharden the garden, in a way HOE
Vacillate SEESAW
Ways to get connected, briefly ISPS
Wisenheimer SMARTALEC
Word with ''doll,'' ''clip'' or ''bag'' PAPER
Words with ''fog'' or ''funk'' INA
Wrinkle or gray hair producer AGER
Writer Bagnold ENID
___ B'rith BNAI
___ out (just manage) EKE
___ Spiegel (German magazine) DER
___, amas, amat AMO
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