How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 01 2014

"Back ___ hour" (shop sign) INAN
"Direct" ending IVE
"Famous potatoes" state IDAHO
"Goodness gracious!" EGAD
"Sacro" addition ILIAC
"Say ___" (dentist's request) AAH
"Sweet 16" org NCAA
"That's clear to me," hippie-style IDIG
A lift, in Aspen TBAR
A tide NEAP
Abstains from AVOIDS
Affording a view SCENIC
Aid in crime ABET
Aid one's alma mater ENDOW
Airport porters SKYCAPS
Alumnus, for short GRAD
Bachelor's party STAG
By way of ALA
Celeste or Ian HOLM
City of Light PARIS
Comprehension GRASP
Coop resident HEN
Dog found in the pound STRAY
Door opener? DINGDONG
Dry white Italian wine SOAVE
Dwelling in Durango CASA
Early 30-ton computer ENIAC
Easy ___ ASABC
Eat an ice cream cone, e.g LICK
Emit amplified light LASE
Empire State Building climber KINGKONG
Fjord explorer? DANE
Flogging memento WELT
Forrest Gump's forte PINGPONG
Geological time EON
Grandma, affectionately NANA
Green feeling? ENVY
Hunter, at times SNARER
Immature CALLOW
Insect feelers PALPS
Jewish month before Nisan ADAR
Jewish rite of circumcision BRIS
Launch a tennis ball SERVE
Lead-in for "Madre" or "Leone" SIERRA
Little sack of leaves TEABAG
Matures, as wine AGES
Mended temporarily TAPED
Mischievous type PIXIE
Monotonous in cadence SINGSONG
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
New York canal ERIE
One of Columbus' three ships NINA
Outfielder's call MINE
Pig, in the Flintstones' kitchen GARBAGEDISPOSAL
Pre-Easter purchases DYES
Prices paid COSTS
Pungent-smelling ACRID
Quarter-miler's path OVAL
River border BANK
Romanian coins BANI
San Juan, Puerto ___ RICO
Skin orifice PORE
Sneak ___ (glimpse) APEEK
Soften, as chocolate MELT
Some playing cards TREYS
Strip in the Middle East GAZA
Stuck-up sort EGOTIST
Subtle sarcasm IRONY
The "non-existent" contraction AINT
Thirteen, to some bakers DOZEN
Title of respect SIR
Vehicle at a stand TAXI
Weaver's tool LOOM
What the hillbilly batter did? SWANG
Winter fall SLEET
Word in a Doris Day tune SERA
You can't tell if she's coming or going? MADAM
___ out (withdraws) OPTS
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