How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 30 2017

"Cheers" waitress CARLA
"Fargo" affirmative YAH
"Ick!" relative UGH
"T'aint!" opposite TIS
"The Magic Flute," for one OPERA
29-Across solo ARIA
Actress Mason MARSHA
Amazing success ECLAT
An orderly arrangement ARRAY
And others, briefly ETAL
Attachments to 29-Across or "party" GOERS
Begged PLED
Bestow GIVE
Birch relative ALDER
Blue green "water" color AQUA
Braying beast MULE
Brown co UPS
Calamari source SQUID
Capital of Bolivia SUCRE
Chaser of Capone NESS
Check out, in a grocery store SCAN
Continental cash EURO
Czar called "Terrible" IVAN
Dawdles LAGS
Director Sergio LEONE
Disgusting Wings song? WITHALITTLEYUCK
Express one's thoughts OPINE
Fanciful pitcher EWER
Feature of a fedora BRIM
Firebug's crime ARSON
Foot parts ARCHES
Garden pest APHID
Gray wolf LOBO
Have throbbing pain ACHE
In court ONTRIAL
Instrument for Orpheus LYRE
Isle or terrier type SKYE
Lacking grace GAWKY
Legendary performer Horne LENA
Like a ram OVINE
Make money? MINT
MIT grad, often (abbr.) ENGR
Nat or Natalie of music COLE
Not exactly round OVAL
Obviously embarrassed ABLUSH
Off-the-wall sound ECHO
On the calmest side, at sea ALEE
One who is conceited and disgusting? HIGHMUCKETYYUCK
Place to test reflexes KNEE
Plastic ___ Band ONO
Powerful Army helicopters APACHES
Radio bribery scandal PAYOLA
Recipient TAKER
Reddish pigments OCHERS
Reparation for being disgusting? BANGFORONESYUCK
Respectful address to a king SIRE
Secretive "Hey, buddy" PSST
Securing, as a door LOCKING
Simple breakfast CEREAL
Slimming couple? EMS
Smidgens IOTAS
Steep, rugged cliff CRAG
Stellar server at Wimbledon ACER
Strong desires YENS
Stylish anagram of "lean" ELAN
Tall cupboardlike structure ARMOIRE
Upped a lawn's pH level LIMED
West of old Hollywood MAE
With a fresh twist ANEW
Without paddling implements OARLESS
Word linking two dogs? EAT
Word with "moth" or "half" EATEN
Words to live by OATH
___ out a living (just gets by) EKES
___-pants (wise guy or girl) SMARTY
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