How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 30 2007

''Batman'' sound effect BAM
''In the Line of Fire'' actress Russo RENE
''Love Story'' star ONEAL
''Norma ___'' (1979) RAE
''Robinson Crusoe'' author DEFOE
''The Godfather'' composer Nino ROTA
''The Running ___'' (1987) MAN
2006 Scarlett Johansson film SCOOP
Analyze, as evidence SIFT
Audibly ALOUD
Bad-weather contingency plan RAINDATE
Banged out TYPED
Bare bones model? SKELETON
Blanket choice WOOL
Boston pops? SODAS
Bring down the house? RAZE
Come to grips with FACE
Consumer bait ADS
Cousteau milieu OCEAN
DDT banner EPA
Distance between pillars SPAN
Epitome of slowness MOLASSES
Far from land ASEA
Flower of the primrose family OXLIP
Folks featured in Harrison Ford's ''Witness'' AMISH
Full house indicator SRO
Full of oneself SMUG
General decoration STAR
Get by on thin ice? SKATE
Gets warmer NEARS
Golfer from Johannesburg ELS
Great multitude HOST
Hindu religious teacher SWAMI
Honored with AWARDED
It has its ups and downs YOYO
It was once thought to be indivisible ATOM
Italian resort island CAPRI
Keeps folks in stitches? SEWS
Kramden and Norton, e.g. PALS
Largemouth or smallmouth BASS
Like a bad apple WORMY
Like cuttlefish defenses INKY
Like some beer ONTAP
Lingering sensation AFTERTASTE
Long, long time EON
Midterm, e.g. EXAM
Montezuma, notably AZTEC
Morning lawn coverings DEWS
Mr. of fiction HYDE
Ms. magazine co-founder STEINEM
Musical score notations RESTS
Occurring irregularly SPORADIC
Pagoda roofing materials TILES
Perfectly suited TAILORMADE
Rejection carrier SLIP
Rod of Moses STAFF
Set up differently REARRANGE
Singer Vikki CARR
Sounded like a mad dog SNARLED
Southwest tableland MESA
Spinach nutrient IRON
Sporting wings ALAR
Stops wavering OPTS
Swahili-speaking nation KENYA
Swindle SCAM
Teller's stack TENS
The final frontier SPACE
They also have their ups and downs SEESAWS
Thumbs-down votes NAYS
Tide designation NEAP
Toddler's break NAP
Top-of-the-line AONE
Tuck away STOW
Unit of electrical current AMPERE
Without, in Paris SANS
Words after ''Thanks'' ALOT
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