How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 25 2018

Alum grad
And others, briefly etal
Augment or add to eke
Automaker Ransom olds
Bait or lure entice
Be a hungry rat gnaw
Be a rat tattle
Be prone lie
Bechamel seasoner nutmeg
Big dice roll eleven
Boxer Spinks leon
Brief incursion foray
Broker agent
Captain's journal log
Cause of tummy trouble ulcer
Chris the tennis legend evert
Commotion ado
Death notices, briefly obits
Delivery org usps
Dress with a flare aline
Encouragement for underachievers intimeyouwillbe
Exotic berry acai
Fast on one's feet speedy
Faucet annoyance drip
Fence post type picket
Follows directions obeys
Forest clearing glen
Free of superfluity terse
Go after many fish trawl
Group of six hexad
Icelandic volume edda
Large bag tote
Learn bit-by-bit glean
Leopardlike cat ocelot
Lumberjack's tool (var.) axe
Lunch returnee's time one
Magazine founder Henry luce
Many Aspen visitors skiers
Money's statement ingodwetrust
Monk kin nun
Nevertheless, cut tho
Newsy twosomes items
Not as hazy clearer
Noted war loser reb
Nowhere near as nice meaner
Old Greek coin lepta
Omit skip
Opener intro
Pants mishap rip
Play balcony climber romeo
Polio vaccine pioneer salk
Pregnant inafamilyway
Prepare, as an alarm set
Put on television air
Raspberry drupelets, e.g acini
Reward for a great act rave
Russian horse-drawn vehicle troika
Same as mentioned idem
Schnoz nose
Seriously admired adored
Shakespearean king lear
Shape to run around oval
Simple home on a farm sty
Sing in the Alps yodel
Some customers clients
Some zoo attractions lions
South American plain llano
Spur part rowel
Stop light? red
Take on, as a quality endue
Theatrical curtain scrim
Type of written tribute ode
Useless or rotten nogood
Walk through water wade
Water source well
What a booth provides in winter tan
Writes or scripts pens
___ out (get dressed) tog
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