How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 25 2017

"Fi" lead-in SCI
"Go on ..." AND
"Hasta luego" ADIOS
"King" of snakes COBRA
"Pardon ___ dust" (sign of renovation) OUR
"___ die for!" ITSTO
About 1.3 cubic yards STERE
Acid type NITRIC
Arab bigwig EMIR
Aromas ODORS
Artist Max ERNST
Asian cincher OBI
Assume for the sake of argument POSIT
Baby shower gift, sometimes LAYETTE
Ball or sphere ORB
Be bullish SNORT
Be unsure FALTER
Bedtime for a Bard? EEN
Bone-chillingly weird EERIE
Boot tip TOECAP
Brazilian city, familiarly RIO
Bring upon oneself INCUR
Brown and basmati RICES
Burrowing result HOLE
Display convincingly EVINCE
Dodger description ARTFUL
Emotional state FRAMEOFMIND
Fancy place with jets SPA
Feature of a horror film TERROR
From then on SINCE
Genetic evidence DNA
Grass type FESCUE
Gripping courtroom event TRIAL
It's high in the Himalayas NEPAL
Lasting reminder of surgery SCAR
Like a nasty remark SNIDE
Like many candles SCENTED
Limerick-to-Belfast dir ENE
Little bird with cobalt blue wings TOMTIT
Little, edible cold-water fish SMELT
Lots and lots SCADS
Low-voiced choir members BASSI
Making waves ATSEA
Massive blue things SKIES
Mo. of fake ghosts and goblins OCT
Monopoly piece TOKEN
More toned SVELTER
Movie awards OSCARS
Navigational aid CHART
One paying to be on TV? SPONSOR
One's discriminating power DISCERNMENT
One's ways of conceiving things PERCEPTIONS
Open, as a bottle of soda UNCAP
Out on a limb with nowhere to run TREED
Poker player who doesn't stay? RAISER
Prefix with "solve" or "prove" DIS
Press down, as dirt TAMP
Product of a Russian mint RUBLE
Provides nourishment for FEEDS
References for directors SCRIPTS
Sandbar SHOAL
Shirt pocket stainer INK
Some artificial spreads OLEOS
State of having sound judgment RATIONALITY
Take in visually SEE
Takes over, as a parasite INFESTS
To begin with ATFIRST
Toward the back, on the waters ASTERN
Uses flattery on (with "up") BUTTERS
Utilize frozen slopes SKI
Wee or tiny SMALL
Zilch NIL
___ of (rather than) INLIEU
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