How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 25 2015

"Crikey!" GAD
"O death, where is ___ sting?" THY
"___ Father, who art ..." OUR
"___ it or lose it" USE
A herring relative SHAD
A poker stake ANTE
Acted the umpire, in a way CALLEDSTRIKES
Apt first name for a thief? ROB
At ___ (military order) EASE
Audibly ALOUD
Bassoon's smaller kin OBOE
Before, romantically ERE
Bird call CHEEP
Bottomless gulf ABYSS
Breakfast staple BACON
Burn a bit, as a burger CHAR
Camel competitor LUCKYSTRIKE
Cocoon occupants PUPAE
Coffee emanation AROMA
Come to the point? TAPER
Comes down in buckets POURS
Computer acronym for sloppy work GIGO
Cosmetic additive ALOE
Creole pod OKRA
Cupid's mo FEB
Cut from the same cloth AKIN
Doughboy's ally POILU
Drug that might cause flashbacks LSD
Drumstick, initially LEG
Earthquake follow-up AFTERSHOCK
Erupt, as tempers FLARE
Famous canal ERIE
Farthest or highest (Abbr.) ULT
Filet mignon order, sometimes RARE
Flight on a shuttle HOP
Football support TEE
Fruity-smelling chemical compounds ESTERS
Furniture wood OAK
Gain computer access LOGIN
Gentleman of the road HOBO
Huck Finn's boat RAFT
Icy pellets HAIL
Incapable of littering SPAYED
Indira Gandhi's father NEHRU
Initial use of nuclear weapons FIRSTSTRIKE
Inundates ENGULFS
It gets flipped PAGE
It often starts with "www" URL
It's white and fleecy CIRRUS
Ivory partner EBONY
Lecherous looks LEERS
Letters on an ambulance EMS
Like a recluse LONE
Mad as a hornet SORE
Military "lights out" song TAPS
Not buzz-cut LONGHAIRED
Observed WATCHED
Opposite of admit DENY
Overpamper SPOIL
Provide as a footnote CITE
React angrily BRISTLE
Refuse to raise CALL
Rye fungus ERGOT
Sandbox toy PAIL
Santa ___, Calif ANA
Similar stuff THELIKE
Some forms of protest HUNGERSTRIKES
Some strands in a cell RNA
Soprano Lily PONS
Sprinkle SPARGE
Stitch up anew RESEW
Surgery aftermath, sometimes SCAR
Valuable stringed instrument, for short STRAD
Wet bars? SOAPS
What cleats increase GRIP
Whodunit board game CLUE
Wife of Abraham SARAH
Wrath IRE
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