How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 24 2016

"Awesome!" in the '90s RAD
"Dined" partner WINED
"I'm quoting this exactly" SIC
"___ you nuts?" ARE
1040 reviewer, briefly CPA
Absorbed, as a cost ATE
Andy's raggedy doll ANN
Any pest ANNOYER
Approach to an article ANGLE
Be competitive VIE
Betting figures ODDS
Brought to mind EVOKED
Bucharest currency LEU
Catcher of a clumsy acrobat NET
Cause disorder to DISRUPT
Chinese dumplings WONTONS
Combat pilot's flight SORTIE
Common connector AND
Contributed suggestion, e.g INPUT
Cop's treat in stereotypes DONUT
Cruel barracks "gag" of old HOTFOOT
Cuts and pastes EDITS
Definitely on one's toes ALERT
Dictionary entry WORD
Doing one's job, and how! GOINGTOTOWN
Editor's insertion symbol CARET
Egg of old Rome OVA
Emulate a certain tide EBB
Enterprise speed unit WARP
Exploratory mission, for short RECON
Fine cigar CORONA
First square of many board games START
Flynn of old Hollywood ERROL
Formerly known as, in maiden names NEE
Funnel-shaped CONED
Gavel pounder's word ORDER
Give the slip to EVADE
Hard to make out FAINT
Inundated AWASH
Label for the skinny picture AFTER
Large book size FOLIO
Late boxing champion ALI
Lift a lawyer's license DEBAR
Like a haunted house EERIE
Loudness units SONES
Magazine revenue sources ADS
Mai ___ (rum cocktail) TAI
Miniature guitars, informally UKES
Mork's home planet ORK
Musketeer's need RAMROD
Nonsensical INANE
Nursery schooler TOT
One delivering a dressing-down REBUKER
One way to make a sweater KNIT
Part of an apple SEED
Peculiar WEIRD
Pennsylvania, to Maryland BORDERSTATE
Plane-related AERO
Prefix with "natal" NEO
Primitive dwelling HUT
Puts money in the bank SAVES
Requirement NEED
Roll in a roller derby SKATE
Russian country home DACHA
Savings for a distant rainy day IRA
Shoelace problem KNOT
Smaller part of a larger zoned area SUBDISTRICT
Strengthened a poker pot ANTED
Suddenly bright stars NOVAE
Tablet-producing company ACER
Thing that courteous golfers replace DIVOT
Tolstoy title word WAR
Trivial tizzy SNIT
Unusable fingerprints SMUDGES
Wall candleholders SCONCES
Where the Pope lives VATICANCITY
Yucky deposit CRUD
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