How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 22 2016

"Bed" or "home" addition STEAD
Accountant's entry ACCRUAL
Air pump letters PSI
Atlas enlargement INSET
Battle in tight quarters CLOSECOMBAT
Big name in car rentals AVIS
Bing alternative GOOGLE
Candlelight event VIGIL
Censors, as a document REDACTS
Common lubricant OIL
Cup divisions OUNCES
Determined in advance PRESET
Down on the pond? EIDER
Egghead, in stereotypes NERD
Elementary school staples RULERS
Ending for "benz" ENE
English I reading, sometimes ODE
Expensive COSTLY
Extraordinary brilliance ECLAT
Fair pavilions, essentially TENTS
Family member, for short SIS
Fashioned into a sphere ORBED
Fella relative BUB
Felon's flight LAM
Former Portuguese coin ESCUDO
Frederick Douglass was one SLAVE
Freudian error SLIP
Gibbon, e.g APE
Group doctrines TENETS
Hangs on a clothesline DRIES
Highest land on Earth TIBET
Home of the Taj Mahal INDIA
Illuminated like Victorian streets GASLIT
Immobilizing shooter TASER
In good shape FIT
Inflame with love ENAMOR
Interrupt, as a dance CUTIN
Jeweler's magnifier LOUPE
Kingly REGAL
Leave one's bed ARISE
Like a wintry scene SNOWY
Like burned briquettes ASHY
Losing by a nose, e.g COMINGCLOSE
Magazine unit ISSUE
Makes a judicial decision RULES
Mall tenant STORE
Midori of skating ITO
Name in a cinematic "excellent adventure" TED
Not far from, as in a race CLOSEBEHIND
Not too far away FAIRLYCLOSE
On the Caspian, e.g ASEA
Penthouse feature VIEW
Persona's counterpart, to Jung ANIMA
Pig turners SPITS
Place for linen CLOSET
Plumbing pipe material, informally PVC
Prefix with "gram" ANA
Proofs of age, briefly IDS
Question harshly GRILL
Religious factions SECTS
Reporter's requirements SOURCES
Self-important attitude EGO
Shaky singing technique TREMOLO
Shoe undersides SOLES
Sir Michael, of films CAINE
Sissy role CARRIE
Slim and trim SLENDER
Started, as a computer BOOTED
Tank type SEPTIC
What a geisha may pull tight OBI
Whitman samplers? POEMS
Wife, informally (with "the") MISSUS
Worldly, not spiritual SECULAR
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