How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 22 2013

"'___ the night before Christmas . . ." TWAS
"CHiPs" star Estrada ERIK
"Do not open 'til ___" XMAS
"The people's princess" DIANA
"The Wizard of Oz" coloring SEPIA
1/6 inch type PICA
Actor with no lines MIME
Archaeologist's destination RUINS
Authoritative command EDICT
Big fuss ADO
Big part of the Sicilian scenery ETNA
Bird-feeder treat SUET
Bluff-and-bluster type PAPERTIGER
Brick holder HOD
Clairvoyant ones SEERS
Clownish imitation APERY
Coarse stuff for manicurists EMERY
Corrosive liquids ACIDS
Dealer's foe, for short NARCO
Deathly white ASHEN
Diplomat's talent TACT
Excited, slangily (with "up") AMPED
Faberge egg recipients TSARS
Far from a hit MISS
Farm division ACRE
Ford succeeded him AGNEW
Having nary a drop EMPTY
Highly rated AONE
Hold another hearing RETRY
Hotel patron GUEST
Investor's dream RICHES
Islamic head of state EMIR
It may be in sight END
It's formed in your head IDEA
It's rolled out for celebs REDCARPET
Japanese immigrant ISSEI
Jelly ingredient PECTIN
Jobs to get done TASKS
Light, custard-filled cake GATEAU
Long strides GIANTSTEPS
Main course ENTREE
Make a dove cry COO
Margarita ingredient LIME
Moderate gaits TROTS
Most spiffy NEATEST
Offensively loud STRIDENT
Once known as NEE
Opera singer Lily PONS
Oscar-winner Arkin ALAN
Passes through slowly SEEPS
Prefix in many Ocean Spray drinks CRAN
Quarrel ARGUE
Quarter fraction CENT
Sayings attributed to Jesus LOGIA
Scene of the William Tell legend URI
Singular of 45-Down TSAR
Some shaggy rugs RYAS
Song sung by one SOLO
Spill SLOP
Strength of a chemical solution TITER
Suffixes with "block" or "stock" ADES
Sunburn gel ingredient ALOE
Take a breather REST
The Sun, for one DAYSTAR
Trial run TEST
Ukrainian peninsula CRIMEA
Waterlogged SODDEN
What platypuses lay EGGS
What the winner takes? ALL
Wile E. Coyote's supplier ACME
Window frame SASH
Word after "bang," "break" or "bump" INTO
Zero of the population NOONE
___ firma TERRA
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