How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 13 2018

"... Kids" (1989 film) honeyishrunkthe
"2001" computer hal
"Gentlemen ..." (1953 film) preferblondes
"Lady ..." (1972 film) singstheblues
"___ be helpful" itd
'60s sign peace
16-Across relative lucre
A great deal slew
Aisle controller usher
Back in a boat aft
Be taught learn
Biathlon gliders skis
Biblical hymn psalm
Blade under a cell mattress shiv
Bloodsucking parasites lice
Cantina offering taco
Captain's journal log
Ceaseless incessant
Charged falsely aspersed
Classic TV's Fred, really redd
Color eggs dye
Come close to near
Computer part cpu
CSA man reb
Darjeeling housekeeper amah
Delphi VIP oracle
Diacritical squiggle tilde
Dol. fractions cts
Down period lull
Drink-in-stein ale
Early lesson letters abc
Eat in or out dine
Embers coals
Etc.? Kinda etal
Faucet tap
Firm head ceo
Flamingo-colored pink
Flat fee payer? lessee
Fruit-grower's bane aphid
Gondola navigator poler
Got some shuteye slept
Ho ___ Minh chi
Horn-headed goddess isis
Hosp. areas ers
Hospital worker, initially lpn
Howling beast wolf
Indian city delhi
It can be explosive tnt
It has indoor jets spa
Italian almond biscuits amaretti
Like cola with no fizz stale
Lover of bamboo panda
Luau instruments (var.) ukeleles
Lug about (var.) shlep
Monk's verbal activity chant
More likely apter
Most-sided state utah
Noble one earl
Openly declare aver
Pirate's quest booty
Plumed wader egret
Pretty little charmer cutie
Prior, in poems ere
Rivendell regular elf
Sneer at leer
Some domesticated creatures housecats
Sound for attention psst
Sounds on a farm moos
Squeeze into a tight space shoehorn
Teacher's gp nea
The upper room attic
They prevent rainouts domes
Throw off your track elude
Time units hours
Toy block lego
Tucked in abed
Up vote yea
Weapons of war bombs
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