How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 12 2018

"Matrix" hero neo
"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" actress engel
"___ Flux" aeon
90-degree shape ell
Army creatures? octopi
Being a modest athlete? colddogging
Birch relative alder
Bluish greens teals
Charitable gifts alms
City map abbreviations sts
Coliseum level tier
Conger eel
Convex shape umbo
Crab's walk sidle
Creeping people out eerie
Dementia senility
Director Brooks mel
Ear bone incus
Eurasia range ural
Everest in summer? hotmountain
Eye part or plant iris
Family car sedan
Food for dipping sop
Fruit with a pit plum
Gentle little bite nip
Gradually wear away erode
Guy, dude or chap fella
Heat's org nba
Home in Mexico casa
Hook a yoke on inspan
Horrific brutes savages
Hound for payment dun
Implanted material? silicone
In the manner of a fop dandily
Is the king rules
Keys playing keys alicia
Lady Leghorn hen
Laugh at, as a punch line get
Like a working candle lit
Like Marco Polo venetian
Manufacturers' extras overs
More than my our
Napped slept
On top of, to Key oer
Ozone-depleter, briefly cfc
Paddy wagon noise maker siren
Paparazzi's paper tabloid
Peruvian, once inca
Pulsate in pain throb
Respectful Indian title sri
Road part with fresh tar? hotshoulder
Seriously cut, as prices slash
Shade trees elms
Side-of-the-porch material lattice
Southern breakfast dish grits
Spaceman Shepard alan
Strauss of denim levi
They're sponsored ads
Ticked feeling ire
Tidal bore eagre
Tiny amount iota
Traction enhancer cleat
Turkish commander aga
Turner of "Peyton Place" lana
U-turn from withdrawal deposit
Uni plus bi tri
Verizon, for one telco
Walk-in freezer selections? coldbuttons
Way-up nest aerie
Witch hag
With ___ breath (anxiously) bated
Word with "bump" into
Works a perforation detaches
Zodiac name leo
___ contendre nolo
___ des corps esprit
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