How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 11 2016

"As to" PER
"Fawlty Towers" network BBC
"Groaned" partner MOANED
"Howdy!" HIYA
"It's no ___!" USE
"Pay to ___" (check words) BEARER
"The Matrix" character NEO
"When Harry Met ___ ..." SALLY
1965 Alabama march site SELMA
Admiral's command FLEET
Agitation SNIT
All excited AFIRE
Ball-___ hammer PEEN
Beatnik with a beat BONGOPLAYER
Become troublesome ACTUP
Blackjack card ACE
British title DAME
Brown pigment UMBER
Carpentry groove DADO
Certain Disney Dalmatian PONGO
City on the Penobscot River BANGORMAINE
Composer Carmichael HOAGY
Cry in a crowded hall BINGO
Denver's height MILE
Dropped hints about GOTAT
Drumstick, essentially LEG
Dull as dishwater DRAB
Famous gardener ADAM
Fence bridger STILE
French farewell ADIEU
Fussy old hen? BIDDY
Go to, as a show ATTEND
Golf gadget TEE
Gravy server BOAT
Have good eyesight SEE
Hawaiian instrument, shortened UKE
Home to the Taj Mahal AGRA
It may be slung MUD
It might be a fat cat in India BENGALTIGER
It's for skilled operators SURGERY
Joule fragments ERGS
Lady's clutch HANDBAG
Lamp denizen GENIE
Leaps of faith? BUNGEEJUMPS
Letters of inflation PSI
Man-shaped drinking mug TOBYJUG
Mimicry APERY
Mom or pop of a mom-and-pop operation OWNER
Mortise complement TENON
Motel relative INN
Mysterious craft UFO
Native American group TRIBE
One overboard? MAN
Open up the floodgates, so to speak SOB
Ownership documents DEEDS
Pediatrician's patient CHILD
Ringling ___ BROS
Rustic shelter LEANTO
Scandinavian rug material RYA
Schlepper TOTER
Shoreline problem EROSION
Small waterway POND
Some cats TABBIES
Some plums GAGES
Suffer a gash BLEED
Tango requirement TWO
Thai monies BAHTS
The items yonder THOSE
The whole schmear ALL
They lead to a walk BALLS
Touchy or sensitive EDGY
Tsar's edict UKASE
Unit of gene activity OPERON
Whopper tellers FIBBERS
Work out a cryptogram DECODE
Wriggling swimmer EEL
___ out (dress up) TOG
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