How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 09 2007

''My Heart Belongs to ___'' DADDY
''Spartacus'' novelist FAST
6/6/44 DDAY
All there SANE
Angel's trademark HALO
Attention-getter PSST
Best in the field TOPS
Bit of truth FACT
Boring to the max DULLASDISHWATER
Bugler's farewell TAPS
Bumpkin CLOD
Capital by a fjord OSLO
Colorful language OATH
Comfortably informal HOMEY
Companion of Paul's SILAS
Cover completely COAT
Creighton University site OMAHA
Crooner Bennett TONY
Diner sign EATS
Divvy out ALLOT
Driving expense TOLL
Exorbitant COSTLY
Flood refuge ARK
Francis or Augustine SAINT
Fundamental truth AXIOM
Gobi's location ASIA
Grant's command UNION
Greek getaway ISLE
Green card holder ALIEN
Hamper contents WASH
Hit the campaign trail RAN
Hodgepodge OLIO
Huff and puff PANT
Inkling HINT
Ironfisted one DESPOT
Kiln for drying hops OAST
Kind of sax ALTO
Lacking any point INANE
Little streamlet RILL
Make amends ATONE
Menu words ALA
Missile housing SILO
Muscat native OMANI
Not jumpy at all STEADY
Not well grounded ASEA
Of utmost importance VITAL
Ooze from EXUDE
Persian comment MEOW
Plies a needle SEWS
Plumed military hat SHAKO
Prescribed layout FORMAT
Publicity feat STUNT
Resigned sound SIGH
Roly-___ POLY
Schemer's conception PLOT
Scores in sixty THREE
Shoshone UTE
Shower gel ingredient ALOE
Site for a set SALON
Sleekly suave SVELTE
Some spouses WIVES
Something done to death THESAMEOLDTHING
Something not worth the effort WASTEOFONESTIME
Sprightly SPRY
Star's broker AGENT
States of unconsciousness COMAS
Sudanese Republic, today MALI
Swap words on the Web CHAT
Tanner's tub VAT
Tantalizing fragrance AROMA
Tell all SING
Urban renewal target SLUM
Valhalla VIP ODIN
Villainous Vader DARTH
Way of sitting PRETTY
Willing word YES
Word sometimes paired with ''perched'' ATOP
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