How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 08 2014

2004 Viggo Mortensen film HIDALGO
Add to the staff TAKEONNEWPEOPLE
Agree to someone's terms ACCEPTAPROPOSAL
And others (Abbr.) ETAL
Annual athletic award ESPY
Artificially colored spread OLEO
Aware of, as a scheme ONTO
Be an excellent student LEARN
Bookcase unit SHELF
Boyfriend BEAU
Burlap fiber HEMP
Company emblems LOGOTYPES
Complex red organic pigment HEME
Cords used as neckwear BOLOS
Deplaning gift in Maui LEI
DiCaprio, for short LEO
Door neighbor JAMB
Drooping LIMP
Electron losers or gainers IONS
Envelope's two letters STATE
Floored it TORE
Franklin and Vereen BENS
From God HOLY
Fun house cries OHS
Goal attachment NET
Golf club choice IRON
Gradually deteriorate ERODE
Hated responses NOS
Horatian oration ODE
Imitative sort APER
Indian writing paper OLLA
Janis of folk IAN
Junior-to-be SOPH
Kid in a Spielberg movie GOONIE
Kind of thrust STAB
Like congested traffic STOPGO
Like pigs' feet PICKLED
Like wet concrete UNSET
Military storehouse ETAPE
Minor criticisms NITS
Mont Blanc and neighbors ALPS
Monty Hall's offering DEAL
Nonagenarian's minimum age NINETY
Number of sides in an octagon EIGHT
Old Venetian officials DOGES
Olympic jersey monogram USA
Parkinson's drug LDOPA
Part of a pilot's announcement LOCALTIME
Pleasant city on the Riviera? NICE
Praise effusively GUSH
Pretty pitcher EWER
Private eye, slangily TEC
Prose piece ESSAY
Pt. of M.I.T INST
Put up resistance to DEFY
Retro photo SEPIA
Room to maneuver LEEWAY
Sauron's minions ORCS
Sea, to Debussy MER
Sign or emblem TOKEN
Slippery and sinuous EELLIKE
Sommelier's suggestion PORT
St. Louis-to-Cincinnati dir ENE
Start to personally shine COMEINTOONESOWN
State of deep unconsciousness COMA
Tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet YOD
To be, to Cato ESSE
Type of setter IRISH
Unexpected blessing BOON
Where to get down? GEESE
Woodward of film JOANNE
Word with "fry" or "freeze" DEEP
Write up, as a speeder CITE
___ and for all ONCE
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