How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 07 2009

"Boston Legal" procedures TRIALS
"Bottoms up!" SKOAL
"Dominique" singer, for one NUN
"Get ___ of yourself!" AHOLD
"Goodness gracious!" EGAD
"I'd like to buy ___, Pat!" ANI
"Same Time, Next Year" playwright Bernard SLADE
"Sweet as Apple Cider" girl of song IDA
"The Addams Family" cousin ITT
"The Picture of Dorian Gray" writer Oscar WILDE
"The Wizard of Oz" prop OILCAN
128-character set ASCII
Act the masseuse KNEAD
Adult filly MARE
Aggravate IRK
Airport checkpoint needs IDS
All skin and bones THINASARAIL
Already cut, as lumber SAWN
Annual book of facts ALMANAC
Approaching, in poesy NIGH
Austin Powers euphemism SHAG
Be sick AIL
Beat, performance-wise OUTDO
Bill Withers hit LEANONME
Bit for a bay OAT
Brash comedian Bruce LENNY
Carpenter's grooves DADOS
Cast forth EMIT
Character actor in the Cowboy Hall of Fame SLIMPICKENS
Christogram component, sometimes RHO
Comeuppance DUE
Definitely not cool UNHIP
Exalting poem ODE
Fed. procurement overseer GSA
First-generation Japanese-American NISEI
France, under Caesar GAUL
Garlic mayo AIOLI
Gender-neutral pronoun ONE
Harmless dog bites NIPS
Healthier-looking HALER
Lamb-in-a-pita sandwich GYRO
Land of the Rising Sun JAPAN
Laughing animal HYENA
Like an old woman ANILE
Like clothes off the rack READYTOWEAR
Lock, stock and barrel ALL
Luau side POI
Make a reduction TRIMDOWN
Monster with a hundred heads TYPHON
Most contrived HOKIEST
Mountain chain RIDGE
Moving like a thrown pigskin ARCING
Never-ending ETERNAL
Nicely adjusted, as to a new situation WELLADAPTED
Nintendo console WII
NT book JAS
Organs males lack UTERI
Partner of ctrl and del ALT
Pensioner's abbr. RET
Prescribed portion DOSE
Prior's "prior" ERE
Put down, slangily DIS
Radii companions ULNAE
Seniors (with "the") ELDERLY
Sharpening strap STROP
Shows reverence, in a way KNEELS
Soothsayer's signs OMENS
Suffix with "Boston" or "Paris" IAN
Telling it like it isn't LYING
Three, to Ludwig DREI
Type of wave or bore TIDAL
Von Bismarck or Klemperer OTTO
Want-ad word NEEDED
Warfare opponent ENEMY
Whitish gemstones OPALS
Wisconsin's ___ Claire EAU
Workplace for some clowns RODEO
You may break it with guests ICE
You might see one under a mouse PAD
You move faster when you shake it LEG
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