How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 07 2004

"Das Rheingold" role ERDA
"I wasn't expecting you ..." OHHI
"Mr. Apollinax" writer TSELIOT
"My Friend" at the movies IRMA
"No thanks!" IPASS
"Same Time, Next Year" co-star ALANALDA
"The Downeaster ___" (Billy Joel song) ALEXA
"Well done!" BRAVO
"___ bodkins!" ODS
"___ little teapot ..." IMA
"___ to Be You" ITHAD
Alaskan king? CRAB
Aurora's counterpart EOS
Bee of old TV AUNT
Bread basket choice ROLL
City centers HUBS
Coating of gold GILT
Collegian's choice MAJOR
Color shades HUES
Corset hardware STAY
Curved molding OGEE
Discussion group PANEL
Electron's path ORBIT
Equines that bray ASSES
Ex-mayor, author of "Leadership" GIULIANI
Factions SECTS
Front page item TOPSTORY
Gen. Lee ROBT
Greetings from Fido ARFS
Hands on hips AKIMBO
Hardens, as clay BAKES
Has the best intentions MEANSNOILLWILL
Horseradish source ROOT
Hotel addition? IER
Introspective query ISITME
IRS agents TMEN
It's credited ROLE
Like junk mail, perhaps UNREAD
Little dipper LADLE
Lone Ranger's cry HIYO
Migratory sorts NOMADS
Nash's "___ lama" ONEL
Nastase of tennis ILIE
Natural viewing height EYELEVEL
New Jersey university KEAN
Olympic gold medalist Mark SPITZ
On a tilt ASLANT
Oscar winner Kazan ELIA
Pedometer button RESET
Percocet's target PAIN
Petal-plucker's word SHE
Picabo Street's gear SKIS
Pinafore's letters HMS
Piquancy ZEST
Pop's name? NEHI
Praise EXALT
Printer's color CYAN
Recognize KNOW
Riga resident LETT
Saragossa women, briefly SRAS
Sheriff's emblem BADGE
Silo's purpose STORAGE
Soft drink nut KOLA
Steel guitar sound TWANG
Step on the plate SCORE
Tarantula's trap WEB
True blue LOYAL
Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu, e.g. STARSOFKILLBILL
Unit of energy JOULE
VCR function (Abbr.) REC
Virginia willow ITEA
Voice above tenor ALTO
Weather center? TEE
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