How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 06 2012

"Ain't That ___" ASHAME
"Fargo" word that rhymes with 25-Across YAH
"Me and Bobby McGee" songwriter Kristofferson KRIS
"Thar ___ blows!" SHE
"Well, ___-di- dah!" LAH
100,000 in India LAKH
Am for more than one? ARE
Ambulance letters EMS
Be of use to AVAIL
Bother or agitate DISTURB
Calm periods LULLS
Catch wind of HEAR
Cheer up ELATE
Church chorus AMENS
Clever like a fox SLY
Compass point EAST
Constellation next to Scorpius ARA
Cub Scout unit DEN
Doodle in music? YANKEE
End-of-the-book section, often INDEX
Epitome of smoothness SILK
G with a sax KENNY
Great Lakes salmon COHO
Hailing from Haifa, perhaps ISRAELI
Hairy-chested ones HEMEN
Hand drum TIMBREL
Hawaiian necklace LEI
Help settle disputes MEDIATE
Home for a hog STY
In a hazardous or speculative manner RISKILY
In no time ___ (instantly) ATALL
Indy 500 entrants RACERS
Inexact recipe amount DASH
Iris locale UVEA
It's good to have these about you WITS
Item in a car trunk TIRE
Japanese rice wine SAKI
Jungle bungalow HUT
Just adequate PASSABLE
Knee-high's shorter cousin ANKLET
Land in the ocean ISLE
Landed ALIT
Loss of heart DISMAY
Marked with stripes LINEATE
Middle East peninsula ARABIA
Mrs. Hudson, to Sherlock Holmes LANDLADY
Name on Irish stamps EIRE
New ___, India DELHI
Nineteenth Greek letter TAU
Nomadic dwellings YURTS
Oscar winner Bates KATHY
Otherwise ELSE
Pants length measurement INSEAM
Personal flair ELAN
Phrase of assured success MADEINTHESHADE
Pitchers' stats ERAS
Played on TV again RERAN
Profitable again BACKINTHEBLACK
Shady area ARBOR
Side in checkers RED
Stabilizing structure KEEL
Stitched together SEWN
Tattoo artist's selections INKS
The Roaring Twenties, e.g ERA
Thin wedge for leveling SHIM
Tour de France thirst quencher EAU
Trivial bother ADO
Trombone parts SLIDES
Vegetable spreads OLEOS
Victim in Genesis ABEL
What a nod may mean YES
Where embryos develop UTERI
Witch's whammy HEX
Yale student ELI
Yard or garage events SALES
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