How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 04 2004

"Uh-Oh!" cookie OREO
Aberdeen's river DEE
Acute anxieties ANGSTS
Bar preparation SALAD
Blockhead DOLT
By way of VIA
Can openers POPTOPS
Carroll's Walrus did it WEPT
Charitable donations ALMS
Closed circuit LOOP
Corpulent OBESE
Crack a joke JEST
D-Day invasion town STLO
Diminish ABATE
Draft status ONEA
Dredged matter SILT
Elbow in the ribs POKE
Elevator innovator OTIS
End table item LAMP
Fashionable resorts SPAS
Fellow bluejackets SHIPMATES
First name in college coaching legends ARA
First name in cosmetics ESTEE
Flight member STEP
Florida gulf city TAMPA
Fortress fosse MOAT
Get off the fence OPT
Goes for broke? SPENDS
Grow genial THAW
Hard and fast rules LAWS
Have down cold KNOW
He played opposite Shelley TED
Hit the sack CRASH
Houston Colt 45 today ASTRO
Ill-fated queen of Egypt CLEOPATRA
It may run down a mountain SKISLOPE
It's kept by a keeper INN
Jersey word MOO
Just one of those things? THAT
Microbiologist's dish PETRI
Moisturizer ingredient ALOE
Music producer Brian ENO
Narrow inlet RIA
Nonverbal welcome OPENARMS
Opera prop, perhaps SPEAR
Out in left field LOCO
Pained reactions OHS
Pathetic one TWERP
Persian word MEOW
Public order? ALE
Reflux EBB
Resist authority REBEL
Rout convincingly MAKEMINCEMEATOF
Rout convincingly BEATTHETAROUTOF
Rout convincingly MOPTHEFLOORWITH
RPM indicator TACH
Salon selection PERM
Shell purchase ROADMAP
Shrinkage, to a retailer THEFT
Sibyl's deck TAROT
Single-masted sailer SLOOP
Sounds from a brood PEEPS
Soybean milk product TOFU
Speedwriting pros STENOS
Star-crossed lover ROMEO
Stomp all over TROD
Strong cotton thread LISLE
Tear violently RIVE
They're good for tricks ACES
Thickening mixture ROUX
Tunisian seaport SFAX
Twaddle ROT
West Yorkshire city LEEDS
When repeated, a guitar effect WAH
Woodstock gear AMPS
XKE, for one JAGUAR
___ Romeo ALFA
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