How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 01 2018

"Be it ___ so humble" ever
A Bronte anne
Ain't dead yet lives
An Israeli prime minister rabin
Any British prince heir
Arm bones ulnas
Become full-flower bloom
Bellyache fuss
Big-time car loaner avis
Bird or fruit kiwi
Blizzard stuff snow
Butter meas tbsp
Canine protector enamel
Certain Himalayan nepalese
Columbus' birthplace genoa
Comfortable and cozy homey
Comic strip segment panel
Connecting word nor
Dissuade deter
Diving duck smew
Draw out educe
E=mcГ%82ВІ part mass
Egg, biologically ovum
Elude a tag slide
Eyelid irritant stye
Famous last words? amens
French black noir
Get ___ of (discard) rid
Goop kin slime
Grease-laden oily
Groundless, as a threat idle
Gushing flattery smarm
Having great interest keen
Help a bandit abet
Imaginary tale myth
It's possessive for a guy his
Joyce or Fitzgerald ella
Like Dracula fanged
Like sportsmanship or a 1958 music hit itsallinthegame
Like stories for many generalinterest
Lyric composition epode
Main meal entree
Make like a moth flit
Money of many euro
National Mall trees elms
No longer dieting? lean
Old French spendable franc
One of the Good Book's 150 psalm
Painful pull locale groin
Place books? shelve
Prevalent? Not at all rare
Previously, way-old ere
Prez Lincoln abe
Put up with abide
Revolvers? rotators
Sci-fi staples aliens
Shipwreck setting isle
Sleep disorder apnea
Slope backward recede
Small marcher ant
Spanish theater cine
St. ___ Girl (beer) pauli
Stereotypical weakling wimp
Studio output movie
Swimmer's space lane
The Terrible tsar ivan
Throw kudos at laud
Tremendous anger rage
Trim copy edit
Tupperware top lid
Twigs and libertarians, e.g splinterparties
Way more parched serer
What roommates share rent
With the skills able
Word with "blessed" event
WWII submarine uboat
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