How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 30 2019

"Aha!" isee
"Dig in!" eat
"Gunsmoke" star James, to his nephews and nieces? unclearness
"South Park" boy stan
"That sounds right!" ibelieveso
"The final frontier" space
"This is terrible!" ohno
"Us" director Jordan peele
"___ Brockovich" erin
'80s go-getters yuppies
Add to a blog post
Airy open
Amazon insect ant
Any Platters platter oldie
Back lanes alleys
Beauty parlor salon
Big bag tote
Black or yellow dog, informally lab
Book's last word, often end
Bunk choice upper
Cache trove
Calf-length skirt midi
Camp sight lake
Canine's coat? enamel
Circa about
Circus performer acrobat
Coffee + chocolate mocha
Come clean fessup
Compaq machines pcs
Congers, e.g eels
Cookie sheet destination oven
Covertly email bcc
Crows' homes nests
Dad jokes? popcorn
Della of "Touched by an Angel" reese
Desire crave
Detail, for short spec
Drink quickly chug
EMT's skill cpr
Expert maven
Eye affliction stye
Father of Balder odin
Figure skating duo pair
Hawaiian platter type pupu
Healthcare giant aetna
Highlands mothers? mascots
Irish granny known for refilling her plate? nanoseconds
Like a marathon long
Like Beethoven deaf
Like some triangles scalene
Like the other team opposing
Mane thing to avoid in Africa? lion
Mark missing from "naive" dieresis
Nail-biting, e.g nono
On, as a lamp lit
Parenthesis shape arc
Pelosi or Reagan nancy
Pen tip nib
Ponzi scheme, for one scam
Replies to an invitation, briefly rsvps
Robert of "Taxi Driver" deniro
Sci-fi villain with a red camera eye hal
Siberia's continent asia
Some boys' fishing gear? sonnets
Southern pie pick pecan
Tattling telling
They're made by maids beds
Toy that becomes a prince, in a classic ballet nutcracker
Trains like Laila Ali spars
Trivia night champion, perhaps nerd
Up to nothing idle
Water carrier duct
Where Eve wore fig leaves eden
Wrote a glowing review raved
___ the moon (thrilled) over
___-bodied privilege able
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