How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 30 2013

"Be it___so humble ..." EVER
"Cogito ___ sum" ERGO
"For Pete's ___!" SAKE
"I'm with Stupid" symbol ARROW
"Just the ___, ma'am" FACTS
"The people's princess" DIANA
4-0 World Series win, e.g SWEEP
52 in old Rome LII
Accountant's form SPREADSHEET
Arranges a table SETS
Baby's bed BASSINET
Badminton opener SERVE
Bargain for a burglar? STEAL
Beat a path TROD
Beatles tune "___ Is" YESIT
Blow, like Dante's Peak ERUPT
Bookie's concern POINTSPREAD
Branch of Buddhism ZEN
Brand of cracker SALTINE
Breast-beating primate APE
Bring exasperation RILE
Bring in a harvest REAP
Buenos ___ AIRES
Burial rite OBSEQUY
Burn ointment ALOE
Catcher's protector MASK
Celebrant's robe ALB
Centers of great activity LOCI
Child's four-wheeler WAGON
Clear of vermin DERAT
Collection of miscellaneous things OLIO
Competes, as for a title VIES
Congers EELS
Designer's concern DECOR
Do a joyful "The Price is Right" action COMEDOWN
Easily split mineral MICA
Feels awful about RUES
Field of study AREA
For ___ an emergency USEIN
Gentle one? MAN
Grove unit TREE
Hardly the life of the party WETBLANKET
Hopped a freight RODE
In a faint ASWOON
In one year and out the other? FADDISH
It's debatable TOPIC
Jackie's second husband ARI
Kind of pad LILY
Kins' partners KITHS
Like pocketed pool balls SUNK
Makeshift abode LEANTO
Miner's light source LAMP
More than shouldn't MUSTNT
Muscular condition TONE
Of the ear OTIC
On the ocean ASEA
One way to get into deep water SCUBA
Otherwise ELSE
Overused TRITE
Patchwork work CRAZYQUILT
Planning to vote no ANTI
Pope of the 10th century LEOV
Sci-fi or suspense, e.g GENRE
Shape the world is in SPHERE
Short snooze NAP
Solemnly swear AVOW
Some big engines DIESELS
Supplicates BEGS
Take it easy LOLL
Thing you don't want to twist ANKLE
Tiresome routines RUTS
Ugly duckling, eventually SWAN
Villain's work EVIL
Went out from the shore EBBED
William with a state named after him PENN
Winner at roulette, often HOUSE
Winter hazard ICE
___-di-dah LAH
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