How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 27 2019

"American ___" (singing show) idol
"Blech!" ick
"Oops!" mybad
"Praying" singer kesha
"True story!" ikidyounot
(Hello-o-o?!) ahem
*Broadway musical with puppets avenueq
*Double-dipping, e.g partyfoul
*Sincere heartfelt
*Spicy finger food item hotwing
11/11 honoree vet
2003 Pixar fish nemo
Actress Reese della
Advice column starter, or a hint to the starred answers' ends herearesometips
Alphas' counterparts omegas
Apples with many cores imacs
Assail setat
Assuage allay
Bread pan shape loaf
Broadcasts airs
Buddy chum
Cheers on rootsfor
Cleveland NBA'er cav
Cries of pain owow
Cybersecurity concern virus
Deal (with) cope
Duplicate copy
Elevated poems odes
Favorable vote yea
Figure skating jump axel
Film princess who became a general leia
Frankenstein creator shelley
Game with a colorful cast of characters? clue
Hard to pin down eely
High tennis shot lob
Homer's bartender moe
Honeydew or cantaloupe melon
Inauguration pledge oath
Infomercial knife brand ginsu
It grows in the shade moss
Japanese pond fish koi
Kauai greeting aloha
Latte surface foam
Leg day exercise squat
Legendary Himalayan yeti
Lennon was her third husband ono
Lightly tease rib
Like a useless battery dead
Long sub hero
Luxor's river nile
Make an altar vow sayido
Most qualified ablest
One or 360 console xbox
Outback bird emu
Pakistani tongue urdu
Pool temperature tester toe
Prefix with "physical" meta
Radical high school group? mathteam
Rummage (through) rifle
Sadly not made-up alltootrue
Sharp bear part claw
Shoppe sign starter yeolde
Signs off on oks
Sitting around idle
Spud-growing state idaho
Sushi grain rice
Teensy wee
Teigen who married a Legend chrissy
Texter's "That said ..." otoh
Thanksgiving root yam
They can make weekends long daysoff
Toy that eventually falls top
Unopened new
Upfront poker stake ante
Women's links grp lpga
Wrinkle-reducing injection botox
X-ray units rads
___ cam (smooch recorder) kiss
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