How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 25 2018

"Fa" follower sol
"It's ___ a while!" been
"___ do lunch" lets
A-Muse-ing one erato
Advanced degree mba
African snakes asps
Arab title sheik
Average dude schmo
Aviate again refly
Baby-with-spaghetti result mess
Be a cat burglar sneak
Blind part slat
Blood clots emboli
Breakfast fruit melon
Butt-whuppin' rout
Clangs and clacks noises
Collar part tab
Company symbol emblem
Country yell wahoo
Cow groups herds
Devout prayer orison
Dollar counterpart euro
Downwind, on the ocean alee
E St. to W St. move uturn
Ed of "Daniel Boone" ames
Emphasizing sarcasm rollingoneseyes
Exhibited shown
Finished first won
Flow out ebb
Follow orders obey
French wee, not oui petit
Furthermore also
Give a ticket to cite
Glossy material satin
Gulf of Guinea city accra
Hat part to shape brim
Heart attachment aorta
Hints from the wings cues
Hissed go-with booed
Hospital fluids sera
Huge ice chunk berg
Indian state assam
Is savory and then some meltsinthemouth
It hosts spectacles bridgeofthenose
It's swell for swells icebag
Japanese sash obi
Landing negotiator pilot
Lay siege to assail
Like some apartments walkups
Make unfeeling? benumb
More than one two
Myanmar neighbor laos
Mythical archer eros
Olympic sleds luges
Page with the pipes patti
Party to inon
Patriotic renditions anthems
Play poker? prod
Put in groups assort
Roof attachment eave
Scull members crew
Sedimentary rock shale
Shamus tec
Sicily's volcano etna
Skilled connoisseurs mavens
Soccer zero nil
Source of winter coats ewe
State 17 ohio
Strong suit forte
Sufficiently enough
Trumpeted blew
Tuning item fork
Tunneling mammal mole
Type of survivor sole
Up to it able
Useful item tool
Utters says
Word for dividing into
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