How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 23 2017

"Pease porridge ___" HOT
"When" not in due time, Mr. Science? WHYTHETIMECOMES
"Who" isn't in a Telly Savalas saying? WHATLOVESYABABY
"Why" not hurry, Adrian Peterson? WHERETHEBIGRUSH
Any benchwarmer SUB
Appliance with a mitt OVEN
Bank security feature? LEVEE
Bar bill TAB
Bedridden ILL
Bridal path AISLE
Certain sib SIS
Column counterpart ROW
Common concession drinks COLAS
Copied, animal-style APED
Cotton on a stick SWAB
Create an embargo BAN
Dampens WETS
Easily heard LOUD
Essential trombone part SLIDE
Established fact GIVEN
Expressions of pain OWS
Far from rural URBAN
Feedbag contents OATS
Fly or gnat, often PEST
Formal expression of praise PAEAN
Garments under dresses SLIPS
Group moral attitudes ETHOS
Hallucinogenic drug LSD
Instance of pretending to be someone else IMPOSTURE
Invisible energy source ATOM
It could be ironclad ALIBI
Item on a custodian's ring KEY
LaBeouf of acting SHIA
Letter of the Greek alphabet PHI
Like lemon juice ACIDIC
Like some tables UNSET
Margarita citrus LIME
Minimum wage for an actor SCALE
Mountain-reducing sticks TNT
Neutral middle vowel SCHWA
Norman you don't want near your shower BATES
Norwegian capital OSLO
Not at home AWAY
Olympic legend Jesse OWENS
One's last vehicle, often HEARSE
Opaque gem OPAL
Parcel of land ACRE
Partner of "beyond" ABOVE
Pinch relative, in cookbooks DASH
Pointed remark GIBE
Prepares for a bout SPARS
Prevent progress BLOCK
Put on store shelves CARRY
Put out again, as a CD REISSUE
Puts at ease CALMS
Right-angled shapes ELLS
Run off to wed ELOPE
Russian currency RUBLE
Sandwich cookie OREO
Sentry's command HALT
Shop without buying BROWSE
Sky-high homes AERIES
Spike or Brenda LEE
Surgery aftermaths SCARS
TitlesГ%82В ofГ%82В respect for some Turks BEYS
Turn a cold shoulder to SPURN
Type of cabaret show REVUE
Type of choir voice ALTO
Use a divining rod DOWSE
Use profanity CUSS
Visibly terrified ASHEN
Walk through low water WADE
Weak ending? LING
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