How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 22 2012

"... in ___-horse open sleigh" AONE
"Closer" Oscar nominee Clive OWEN
"Do it or ___!" ELSE
"Let the ___ begin!" GAMES
"Norma ___" (1979 movie) RAE
Address the crowd ORATE
Aid in finding the Titanic SONAR
Air traffic control org FAA
Apparel for a very young diner BIB
Appliance setting LOW
Applies less pressure (with "up") EASES
Attended CAME
Basement's opposite ATTIC
Be visibly disconsolate SOB
Boston and Christmas FERNS
Boxer with a grill FOREMAN
Bring delight to ELATE
Can't survive without NEEDS
Careful examination SCRUTINY
Celestial streaker COMET
Cookout disposable COB
Cool and distant ALOOF
Cyrano's famous feature NOSE
Debilitating guilt ANGST
Declare invalid VOID
Dryer outlet VENT
Easy to stick a needle in VEINY
Eggs, to a biologist OVA
Egyptian bird god HORUS
Elaine's surname on "Seinfeld" BENES
Film candidate's home? MANCHURIA
Float that supports a bridge PONTOON
Follicly challenged BALD
Free a prisoner, as from ropes UNBIND
Fries in a bit of butter SAUTES
From that day forward SINCE
Genesis villain SERPENT
Ghost's greetings BOOS
Greek island in the Mediterranean CRETE
Hawaiian shirt accessory LEI
Hellenic "H" ETA
Hollows between hills VALES
How to do it until you get it right AGAIN
Hunted ones PREY
Hyperbolic function SINH
In a funny manner COMICALLY
Itty-bitty (Var.) TEENTSY
Kind of thermometer OVEN
Lords' places MANORHOUSES
Month after Adar NISAN
Mrs. Malaprop's problem MISUSAGE
Need to be corrected ERR
Office records FILES
One working a trade PLYER
Oscar-winning director Gibson MEL
Paramount workplace LOT
Pay for, as a project FINANCE
Plaster of Paris preparation GESSO
Playing on the road AWAY
Puts a fence around ENCLOSES
Queensland's capital BRISBANE
Refusal from Groundskeeper Willie NAE
Savings plan for later yrs IRA
Seed coverings ARILS
Site of exile for Napoleon ELBA
Small French coin, once SOU
The start of the four theme entries, collectively MEN
Tiny lice NITS
Up-to-date antelope? GNU
What this crossword's theme is? MANLY
Wide-spouted mantel pitcher EWER
William Tell's birthplace URI
Word with "centered" or "portrait" SELF
WXYZ phone buttons NINES
Yachtsman's neckwear ASCOT
___ code (three-digit number) AREA
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