How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 22 2005

''Daniel Boone'' actor AMES
''September ___'' (Diamond) MORN
''The Loom of Youth'' author Waugh ALEC
Add to the force HIRE
Admit frankly AVOW
Antler branches TINES
Appellation NAME
Asian conqueror KHAN
Attendant of Dionysus MAENAD
Author Jong ERICA
Beyond being uninterested? ABOVEBORED
Boeing body FUSELAGE
Borden of condensed milk GAIL
Broke off ENDED
Cardigan Bay, e.g. INLET
Carom off RICOCHET
Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, e.g. MAGI
Caustic liquid LYE
Clockmaker Thomas SETH
Common periodical name DIGEST
Concerning the Vatican PAPAL
Country that got its current name in 1935 IRAN
Cowboy Hall of Famer Bob LILLY
Drove to drink, say MADDENED
Elliptical shape OVAL
Emotional seaside moments? BEACHBAWLS
Eton students BOYS
Ever and ___ ANON
Forum garments TOGAS
Garden material SOIL
Garden structure TRELLIS
Gawain's equine? KNIGHTMARE
Go off target MISS
Graph ending ITE
In the thick of AMID
In ___ (existing) ESSE
It's supportive BRACE
IX square root III
Jason's vessel ARGO
Key feature? CORAL
Kickoff preface FLIP
Lacking historical validity MYTHICAL
Legal conclusion? ESE
Life sci. BIOL
Like a NASA module LUNAR
Like blue shoes of song SUEDE
Literary miscellany, e.g. ANA
Make a full apology ATONE
Michael Caine's address SIR
Nutcracker suite? NEST
One of the Simpsons LISA
Pandora's boxful ILLS
Participated in a rodeo event ROPED
Robert Blake series BARETTA
Rudolph storyteller IVES
Schusser's domain SLOPE
Scotch or sugar, e.g. PINETREE
Select group ATEAM
Sir Geraint's wife ENID
Social reformer Baker ELLA
Sock type TUBE
Son of Noah SHEM
Sound tempests? HALESTORMS
Spoils of war LOOT
Storied temptress SIREN
Subway tunnel art, perhaps MOSAIC
Suffer from HAVE
Token punishment SLAP
Type of candle ROMAN
Underground party RAVE
Upkeep CARE
Wife of Odysseus PENELOPE
Word with electrical or red TAPE
Zero hour, e.g. START
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