How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 21 2007

''A miss ___ good ...'' ISAS
''A stitch in time saves nine,'' e.g. ADAGE
''Any ___?'' IDEAS
''Awaiting your reply'' OVER
''Have I got ___ for you!'' ADEAL
''In ___ of flowers ...'' LIEU
''Long live ...'' VIVA
''Rigoletto'' composer VERDI
''Rock Around the Clock,'' e.g. OLDIE
''Saturday Night Live'' segment SKIT
''___ added expense'' ATNO
A bunch LOTS
A month abroad ENERO
Actor Guinness ALEC
Adirondack chair part SLAT
Affleck and Vereen BENS
Air-conditioning measures BTUS
Aquiline weapon TALON
Asian housemaid AMAH
Attila's crew HORDE
Avoid ignorance LEARN
Ballet bends PLIES
Baptism and bris, for two RITES
Be extremely expectant DROOL
Bemoans RUES
Between shores, maybe ASEA
Biblical preposition UNTO
Big step STRIDE
Black-tie DRESSY
Boy band active from 1995 to 2002 NSYNC
Bread spread OLEO
Breakfast chain IHOP
Brief briefs? BVDS
Carnival city, briefly RIO
Celebrated RENOWNED
Change for a nickel CENTS
City of eastern Belgium LIEGE
Colorful stone AGATE
Considerable winnings, informally HAUL
Cultural leader? AGRI
Debussy's ''La ___'' MER
Defeatist's declaration ICANT
Diminishes in intensity ABATES
Discharge gradually EXUDE
Disorganized crowds MOBS
Done-turn connection TOA
Drawn tight TAUT
Dunne of ''I Remember Mama'' IRENE
Egg supplier HEN
Elementary school math term LESSTHAN
Energy-supplying compound, for short CARB
Extent of loss TOLL
Facilitate AID
Fastening material GLUE
Garments worn in India and Pakistan (Var.) SAREES
Genesis name ENOS
GI mail service APO
Gold or silver sources ORES
Guide lines? REINS
Hatchet relative AXE
He loved Lucy DESI
Hit-and-run participant? BAT
Hose hue ECRU
Immune system component TCELL
In the past AGO
Indian money RUPEE
It involves one's quest for a mate CHESS
Jelly used as a glaze or garnish ASPIC
Lake, city or canal ERIE
Loses light DARKENS
Lust-filled look LEER
Makes smooth, in a way SANDS
Martin Crane's dog EDDIE
Mattel offering DOLL
Mineral containing magnesium SPINEL
Monte Carlo game BACCARAT
Most loyal TRUEST
Mount near the Gulf of Catania ETNA
My ___, Vietnam LAI
Nigerian currency NAIRA
Nocturnal American wildcat OCELOT
Notable boy king TUT
November 2008 wear CAMPAIGNBUTTONS
Numbered rds. RTES
Oktoberfest horn TUBA
Old Germanic character RUNE
One of the musical Three B's BACH
One-time superpower USSR
Out-of-the-mainstream genre ALTERNATIVEROCK
Overly curious NOSY
Pharmacist, at times DOSER
Phonograph inventor's monogram TAE
Photo lab emulsion compound HALIDE
Poker game locales, often DENS
Political alliance BLOC
Pool hall selections CUES
Pre-Easter purchases DYES
Problem ender? ATIC
Relax, as one's grip EASE
Restrain through intimidation DETER
Rich man NABOB
Riverside insurance LEVEES
Roman robe TOGA
Ship's frame HULL
Shortest-named spectrum hue RED
Singing Fitzgerald ELLA
Smooth with the beak, as feathers PREEN
Some company execs VEEPS
Something or nothing HOBSONSCHOICE
Something to feather NEST
Sought-after group UNDECIDEDVOTERS
Sound from Old McDonald's farm OINK
Spicy Spanish stew OLLA
Stick in a field sport CROSSE
Subject to limitations FINITE
Surgically ties LIGATES
Surname for Joe? SCHMO
Tactics employed in some labor disputes LOCKOUTS
Takes from Peter? ROBS
Tale of adventure GEST
Talk back SASS
Tall, thin and somewhat ungainly LANKY
They come in after many projections ELECTIONRESULTS
They slow mustangs LASSOS
They're cast over the ocean? ABSENTEEBALLOTS
Third monastic hour TERCE
Times to write about ERAS
Torah tongue HEBREW
Trig function SINE
Turns to the right GEES
Twin in a perennial bestseller ESAU
Twist of literature OLIVER
Type of dancer or boot GOGO
Up close and personal ONEONONE
Use a hammock REST
What kids are taught not to pick SCAB
Winglike structures ALAE
Winter Olympics athlete LUGER
Witches HAGS
Word with pointy or pigeon TOED
Word yelled at some parties SURPRISE
You can't take it seriously FARCE
Zither's forerunner ASOR
___-poly ROLY
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