How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 18 2017

"Arabian Nights" surname BABA
"Blessed-the meek" link ARE
"Crafts" go-with ARTS
"Curses!" DRAT
"___ live nephew of my Uncle Sam ..." AREAL
A gardener, at times HOER
Abbr. in cookbooks TSP
Available to fill glasses or mugs ONTAP
Avian lodgings NESTS
Baggins in "The Hobbit" BILBO
Be in debt OWE
Beast that has no problem bugling ELK
Blame, old-school RAP
Blowing away AWING
Bucharest currency LEU
Camembert relative BRIE
Child's first letters, often ABC
Confusing, loud noise DIN
DeBusschere or Winfield of sports DALE
Direct opposite MIRRORIMAGE
Do again, as a role REPRISE
Do some executive recruiting HEADHUNT
English resort town BATH
Escapee's run LAM
Famous Ingmar BERGMAN
Flower part SEPAL
Fortified ditches ENTRENCHMENTS
Gossipy news spreader YENTA
Have no reason to argue AGREE
Hits, old-school SMITES
Hold on to for dear life CLUTCH
Indistinct fingerprint, e.g SMUDGE
Informal "Let's go!" CMON
It can clean your sole MAT
It can send you up the creek BOAT
Khan's title AGA
Letter with no curves ELL
Like a Hemingway title man OLD
Like a pro weightlifter MUSCLEBOUND
Like an unbreakable contract IRONCLAD
Like some previews SNEAK
Make a mistake ERR
Mary Tyler Moore character LAURA
McCarthy or Goldin NAN
Miraculous solution out of nowhere DEUSEXMACHINA
Negatively charged particle ANION
Nog type EGG
Not started, as fire logs UNLIT
Old president to like? IKE
One way to be a glider SKATE
Photo ___ (planned publicity events) OPS
Pond scum organism ALGA
Prepared for a long drive? TEED
Produce fizzy pop AERATE
Prohibit BAN
Queue LINE
Rounded section of a church APSE
Sci-fi Solo HAN
Seekers in a kid's game ITS
Shop talk ARGOT
Something you might hear on Dec. 24 CAROL
Spring month MAY
Superior monk? ABBOT
The "Free Willy" creature ORCA
The dude over there HIM
They're not allowed in many places PETS
Topmost tip APEX
Type of insurance for a doctor MALPRACTICE
Voodoo, illusory feats and wizardry MAGICS
Web addr URL
Wet-dry thing LAC
Wilkes-___ (Pa. city) BARRE
___ long way (be quite successful) GOA
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