How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 17 2011

"Batman" co-star Basinger KIM
"Clair de ___" (Debussy) LUNE
34th U.S. president's nickname IKE
A state of deep-seated ill-will HOSTILITY
Alternative to watercolors OILS
Application form blank NAME
Become associated INTERRELATE
Bed-in for peace participant Yoko ONO
Beer blast centerpiece KEG
Best-rated AONE
Bird structures NESTS
Capone and Capp ALS
Cartoon bear YOGI
Chip dip SALSA
Chops off, as branches LOPS
Clue's Plum, briefly PROF
Coalition of politicians BLOC
Come after ENSUE
Costa __ Sol DEL
Covered with hair PILOSE
De-wrinkle IRON
Decline gradually, as a tide EBB
Division of Islam SUNNI
Doubtful LEERY
Eastern California tourist attraction YOSEMITEFALLS
Examine grammatically PARSE
Eyelid irritation STYE
Female theater guide USHERETTE
Former Senate Majority Leader Trent LOTT
Fourth planet from the Sun MARS
Get ___ of (discard) RID
Good friend CHUM
Greenish-blue shades CYANS
Husband of Isis OSIRIS
Less messy TIDIER
Letter-exchanging friends PENPALS
Likely to talk back SASSY
Miner's entrance ADIT
Miss ___ USA TEEN
Moose ELK
Neck of the woods AREA
Oblique lines DIAGONALS
One of many at JFK AIRTERMINAL
Orbital high point APOGEE
Ostracized one in the Bible LEPER
Pen ends NIBS
Pitch-perfect ONKEY
Pitcher's boo-boo BALK
Purring animal CAT
Reacted to the alarm AROSE
Rope loop NOOSE
Seed's covering ARIL
Short life story? BIO
Shot glass? SYRINGE
Smidgens of hair gel DABS
Something to spin TALE
Spirited party BASH
Start of something big IDEA
Suffix for "velvet" EEN
Swims sans clothes SKINNYDIPS
Tableland MESA
The Mississippi four? ESSES
Throat soothers COUGHDROPS
Top of an "i" DOT
Two of nine? ENS
Unerasable, as ink INDELIBLE
Unmannerly person BOOR
Virginia ___ (sch. in Blacksburg) TECH
Wanted poster initials AKA
Was in front LED
Wickerworker's willow OSIER
Wild equine ASS
Wind dir. opposite of WSW ENE
Word heard in church AMEN
Wreck beyond repair TOTAL
___-hugger (environmentalist) TREE
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