How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 16 2015

"Encore!" AGAIN
"Is that ___?" ALL
"SNL" alumnus Carvey DANA
"___ got it!" IVE
Actor Kingsley BEN
Affirmative reply YES
Amigo PAL
Apple or lemon meringue PIE
Assortment OLIO
Ball girls, briefly DEBS
Barney of Mayberry FIFE
Black ___ (cattle breed) ANGUS
Brewer's equipment OAST
Broke bread ATE
Bummed out BLUE
Campus list keeper DEAN
Canine cry YELP
Card game for three SKAT
Certain Arab OMANI
Certain sorority member KAPPA
Chill AGUE
Chill-inducing EERIE
Collisions IMPACTS
Copy a peacock PREEN
Crazily AMOK
D.C. figures POLS
Departure EXIT
Domesticated insect BEE
Dress fancily (with "out") TOG
Drive away REPEL
Easy existence LIFEOFRILEY
Exorcist's target DEMON
Follow as a result ENSUE
Gaucho's lariat BOLA
Genetic info carrier RNA
Horn-shaped part CORNU
Husky's burden SLED
Ill temper IRE
In an unfriendly fashion ICILY
Incapable of littering? SPAYED
Inclines TENDS
Jeweler's measure KARAT
Like child's play EASY
Like rained-out games, usually REPLAYED
Lily, in Lille LIS
Locale VENUE
Mailed SENT
Make busts SCULPT
Make obscure BEFOG
Malicious as a snake? VENOMED
Mallet-and-ball game ROQUE
Matter of debate ISSUE
Neptune's realm OCEAN
Nitrous ___ (laughing gas) OXIDE
One of the corps PRESS
Opposed, in oaters AGIN
Part of a three-piece suit VEST
Philadelphia tourist attraction LIBERTYBELL
Poem type ODE
Projector projection MOVIE
Scout's good work DEED
Secluded spot GLEN
Suffix with "song" or "gab" FEST
Super-duper AONE
Tennis partner? ANYONE
They're not to be believed YARNS
Thyroid, for one GLAND
Tops in wanness PALEST
Two semesters TERM
Type of blind VENETIAN
Type of dome GEODESIC
Volcano output LAVA
Warm embrace HUG
Weapon with a bell-shaped guard EPEE
Winter event COLDSNAP
Women guarded by a eunuch HAREM
Words of romance LOVECONQUERSALL
Wrist-to-elbow bones ULNAE
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