How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 14 2002

AAA's opposite, in shoes EEE
Apple, to Tell TARGET
Battery part ANODE
Bear's past kin? BORNE
Beyond what is natural UNCANNY
Blues' Holiday BILLIE
Bon --- AMI
Bottle blondes DYERS
Brown-haired BRUNET
Casals of tennis ROSIE
Cashier's stack ONES
Completely botches RUINS
Cosmetics queen LAUDER
Crumpets go-with TEA
CST plus one EST
Desert creek ARROYO
Desire money? YEN
Dispense carefully ALLOT
Egg mass ROE
Eggs --- suisse ALA
Farm storage structure SILO
Fighter of Kuwaiti oil fires ADAIR
Flood insurance? LEVEE
Get some good out of USE
Headwear for Miss Americas TIARAS
It's for the birds! FEEDER
Kings Fahd and Faisal ARABS
Kingston, for one TRIO
Largest human bone FEMUR
Lightning attractor ROD
Lucy's good friend ETHEL
Madagascan primate LEMUR
Major artery AORTA
Map feature INSET
Mass apparel ALB
Midnight trip to the fridge RAID
Mill's input GRIST
Nearly "A" material BPLUS
Nose parts SEPTA
One of 13 of 52 SPADE
P&L analyst CPA
Pakastani neighbor AFGHANI
Paleozoic, for example ERA
Pans' associates POTS
Partner of then NOW
Phonograph inventor's monogram TAE
Picasso PABLO
Place in proximity APPOSE
Ready-made houses PREFABS
Requested item, along with registration LICENSE
Rombauer of "Joy of Cooking" IRMA
Scheduling placeholder TBA
Select diamonds? BID
Senator Hatch ORRIN
Shy of a treaty TRUCE
Simile words ASA
Small, light pancakes BLINI
Social blunders GAFFS
Some hold pencils EARS
Suffix for verb OSE
Sweepstakes type IRISH
Swim alternative TREAD
Taps the brakes SLOWS
Ten decibels BEL
The slam-dunker's penalty? STUFFPENALTY
They stand tall in New Jersey NETS
They're for the birds! NESTS
Tip, as a hat DOFF
Tough guy word, okay? SEE
Towards the stern of a ship ABAFT
Ullmann or Tyler LIV
Used binoculars EYED
Vichy water EAU
Wee colonist ANT
What the billionaire does when needing capital? FUNDSONESELF
What the comic could do after a bad one-liner? HEARAPUNDROP
What the kickboxer-turned-matador does in the ring? FOOTSTHEBULL
Yacht pronoun SHE
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