How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 13 2007

"Filthy" dough LUCRE
"Good Times" star Esther ROLLE
"Just the Way You ___" ARE
"The Morning Watch" author AGEE
''I kid you not!'' NOLIE
''Murder, ___'' INC
1847 Herman Melville novel OMOO
1928, 1932 and 1936 Olympic gold medalist HENIE
1996 presidential candidate Alexander LAMAR
Alfalfa or Buckwheat RASCAL
All there SANE
Alphabetical trio EFG
An awful lot TONS
Attempt without knowing if success will come PRESSONESLUCK
Available ATHAND
Bashful or Doc DWARF
Basilica sections APSES
Big or little digit TOE
Bit of fowl language? PEEP
Black tea from Sri Lanka PEKOE
Bombay garb SARI
Building location SITE
Building plans, for short SPECS
Buzzing annoyance GNAT
Bye, in France ADIEU
Calligraphy tool PEN
Causing to become conscious AROUSING
Certain crisis team SWAT
Cleopatra's Mark ANTONY
Condescending clucks TSKS
Consumer demands WANTS
Danson or Knight TED
Demand formality STANDONCEREMONY
Disrespects, in a way SASSES
Doctor's charge FEE
Dr. visits APPTS
Drinking spree TOOT
Eclipse viewers, e.g. OBSERVERS
Erie Canal town in New York UTICA
Exercise influence PULLSOMESTRINGS
Eyelid infection STYE
Farmland measurement ACRE
Farthest or highest (Abbr.) ULT
Filled to the brim TOPFULL
First baseman's glove MITT
Fit well with SUIT
Flanders' river YSER
Flapjacks topper SYRUP
Funeral music DIRGES
George Lucas creature EWOK
Gore's ''___ in the Balance'' EARTH
Govt. medical agency NIH
Guy's counterpart GAL
Half of catorce SIETE
Hauteur AIRS
Hesitation sounds UHS
Hieroglyphics bird IBIS
Hire again REEMPLOY
Hockey legend Bobby of Boston ORR
Honors with style FETES
Horse put out to pasture, maybe NAG
Hydrogen's number ONE
Incinerated BURNT
Infamous Colombian city CALI
Iniquity site? DEN
Jazzy Blake EUBIE
Jerusalem's ___ Dolorosa VIA
John who wrote ''BUtterfield 8'' OHARA
Jumped to one's feet AROSE
Land for the loony? LALA
Lee of comicdom STAN
Legal entry PLEA
Letter attachments STAMPS
Librarian's admonitions SHHS
Light reflector PRISM
Lot measurement AREA
Made, as a putt SANK
Make less bright DIM
Makes mittens, in a way KNITS
Male seals' group of devotees HAREMS
Man from Muscat OMANI
Massive mammal ELEPHANT
Melville sequel OMOO
Messy fight MELEE
Must finally come clean RUNOUTOFEXCUSES
Mythical monster ORC
No longer chic OUT
Offensives ASSAULTS
Omelet ingredient EGG
One of a vitamin complex BTEN
Organic necklaces LEIS
Panache ELAN
Personal preferences TASTES
Pigeons' homes COTES
Play boisterously ROMP
Pony up for a hand ANTE
Pre-Lenin rulers TSARS
Prepares for takeoff TAXIES
Property law topic LIEN
Put side by side APPOSE
Rail riders, in stereotypes HOBOS
Rambunctious child IMP
Refuse receptacles ASHCANS
Releases LOOSES
Safari jacket feature BELT
Satisfy the munchies EAT
Saunter along MOSEY
Scottish explorer of the Arctic, John RAE
Settle a score AVENGE
Shambles MESS
Shaving cream additive ALOE
Sleuths, slangily TECS
Slowly leak SEEP
Small amounts TADS
Soapmaker's supplies LYES
Some Greek letters GAMMAS
Songstress Lena HORNE
Soreness ACHE
Start of a hocus-pocus phrase ABRA
State as an opinion OPINE
Step in ballet PAS
Stoneworkers MASONS
Struggle TUSSLE
Styptic substance ALUM
Suffix with super ETTE
Superficial SKINDEEP
Sussex streetcar TRAM
Tabloid photo subject UFO
Tell little white lies STRETCHTHETRUTH
They stay ahead of heels SOLES
Tibetan snowman YETI
Tiny bottle VIAL
Took a big step STRODE
Traveler to Mecca HAJI
Tree with caffeinated pods KOLA
U-verse co. ATT
Ubiquitous lily relative ALOE
Unvaried SAME
Visits Spago, e.g. DINES
Wave's peak CREST
What an obedient dog does, sometimes STAYS
What you pay at sales LESS
Whitney or Wallach ELI
Wood smoother RASP
Word in the name of many duos AND
Words with most or first OFALL
___ de Triomphe ARC
___ number on DOESA
____ Lee SARA
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