How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 12 2018

"Nixon in China," for one opera
"Pardon ___ dust" our
A Muppet ernie
African nation zaire
Attachable PC devices dongles
Barrel bottom stuff dregs
Be goof-y? err
Better suited apter
Board enter
Br'er Rabbit man remus
Brit's conservative leader? alikelytory
Charge!? cavalryword
Chillingly spooky eerie
Christened named
Co. with an eye logo cbs
Code breaker key
Creation inspirer muse
Cutlery unit knife
Deluge refuge ark
Diner dessert pie
Down source eider
Dutch cheese edam
Dyed, in a jeans factory blued
Eternally, in poesy eer
Fishmonger's tool scaler
Formal affirmative yes
Frown inducers noes
Funny sketches skits
Genetic letters rna
Gentleman's go-with madam
Gloomy, poetically drear
Grammarian's dreaded 24 hrs.? allaintsday
Gridlock tieup
Guitar relative sitar
In the past ago
Incision reminder scar
Is a king rules
It forms links and
It's single one
King of snakes cobra
Left the union seceded
Like a farm rural
Lustrous material satin
Market after marking up resell
Mauna ___ kea
Mine find ore
Mini-PC network lan
Miss in the future? mrs
Old PC screen crt
Old steering wheels? reins
One with amped-up back? roadie
Orbital extremes apogees
Out-of-control semi? terrortruck
Pale wan
Pasta type penne
Pharaoh's domain egypt
Plum type gage
Porcelain pourer ewer
Relapse setback
Right-hand pages rectos
Sailors' direction? seaward
Salty liquid brine
Secret keeper pal
Semi rig
Send elsewhere refer
Seven on a sundial vii
Sideways, as a look askance
Slugger Mel ott
Snooty sort snob
Some colorful shrubs azaleas
Stats for the well-armed eras
Step part tread
Strike open-handedly smack
Tiny harvester ant
U.S. snooper grp cia
Up to, informally til
Way past stale decayed
When a plane's due eta
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