How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 12 2011

"... here on Gilligan's ___" ISLE
"7 Faces of Dr. ___" LAO
"Didn't I tell you?" SEE
"How did ___ thing like that happen?" ILETA
"It's easy ___!" ASABC
"Let me just add ..." ALSO
"To whom ___ concern" ITMAY
"What ___ can I say?" ELSE
Ad-___ (improvise) LIB
AT&T, for one TELCO
Cause fuzzy vision BLEAR
Check endorser PAYEE
Check out before a heist CASE
Dermatological diagnosis CYST
Drink before dinner APERITIF
Foul odor STENCH
Glorify EXALT
Grounds BASIS
How the euphoric walk ONAIR
In no time ___ (instantly) ATALL
It's "a terrible thing to waste" MIND
Large species of deer ELK
Lend a hand AID
Liable to make one scratch ITCHY
Like one end of a pool DEEP
Like some generals (Abbr.) RETD
Luau neckwear LEI
Machu Picchu builder INCA
Marching-band instrument TUBA
Marsh growth REED
Mover's postal form CHANGEOFADDRESS
Nobel-winning U.N. agcy. ILO
Octopus feature TENTACLE
Offensively loud STRIDENT
Period of prayer? AMEN
Pilot Earhart AMELIA
Play sections ACTS
Prefix meaning "half" DEMI
Prey in a mock hunt SNIPE
Priority mail service SPECIALDELIVERY
Pronoun sometimes used for vehicles SHE
Put through a strainer SIFT
R&D site, briefly INST
Really dry SERE
Removal during a disaster (Abbr.) EVAC
Riding and roping show RODEO
Room in the big house CELL
Rosary piece BEAD
Shoe shaper TREE
Small salamander NEWT
Social insect ANT
Some toothpastes GELS
Stand-up's material BITS
Stretched tight TAUT
Striped game fish BASS
Subway alternative TAXI
Suit to ___ (fit perfectly) ATEE
Tabloid couple ITEM
To date YET
Tracts of swampy ground MIRES
Trims the lawn EDGES
Troublemaking tyke IMP
Twixt's kin TWEEN
Type of fencing foil EPEE
Wahine's dance HULA
West Point freshmen PLEBES
Western lake and resort TAHOE
Wild guess STAB
Wine descriptor OAKY
Winter Palace resident, once TSAR
Wise, as advice SAGE
With deadly force LETHALLY
Word with "place" or "record" HOLDER
You have to sign for it CERTIFIEDLETTER
You might bounce it off someone IDEA
___ date (current) UPTO
___ the knot TIE
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