How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 10 2006

''I'm game!'' LETSDOIT
''Psst!'' follower, perhaps INHERE
''The Divine Comedy'' writer DANTE
''___, With Love'' TOSIR
Arm holders SLINGS
Barely achieve (with ''out'') EKE
Beach playthings PAILS
Bet start ALPHA
Bullring ''bravo!'' OLE
Capture in a trap ENSNARE
Cereal ingredients, sometimes OATS
Clarinetist Shaw ARTIE
Clean with a rag, e.g. WIPE
Component of E=mc2 MASS
Downcast SAD
Draw a conclusion INFER
Dry, to a winetaster SEC
Eccentric sorts FLAKES
Exclamations of surprise OHS
Extreme degree NTH
Federal purchasing org. GSA
Fishtail SLUE
Get a lungful INHALE
Greek letter RHO
Heckler's chorus BOOS
Humiliate ABASE
Interjection of discovery EUREKA
Items to check HATS
Jack-of-spades feature ONEEYE
Last word of an ultimatum, perhaps ELSE
Lawn products brand ORTHO
Less than some FEW
Little League equipment MITTS
Looks at the answers beforehand, e.g. CHEATS
Low dam WEIR
Magic word PRESTO
Mary or John J. ASTOR
More alternative LESS
Morrison of The Doors JIM
Namath's Super Bowl III
Natural do AFRO
Once around the track LAP
Org. that stopped Dillinger FBI
Packed down TAMPED
Palm leaf FROND
Pitchblende and cassiterite, for two ORES
Poetry alternative PROSE
Polar drudge ELF
Pounded dish POI
Public humiliation SHAME
Red Guards member MAOIST
Santa ___ winds ANA
Sentence server CON
Sexless possessive ITS
Short drives SPINS
Short salesman REP
Short-lived success FLASHINTHEPAN
Sierra Nevada lake TAHOE
Sigma Nu, for short FRAT
Site of Napoleon's second exile STHELENA
Slope convenience TBAR
Soak thoroughly RET
Social no-no TABOO
Speak with one's hands SIGN
Studies at the last minute CRAMS
Tackle TRY
Talia of ''Rocky'' SHIRE
Tax mo. APR
Trip instigator LSD
Type of bliss WEDDED
Uncle Sam feature BEARD
Valentine's Day symbol HEART
Variety of quartz JASPER
Watson and Who DRS
Welterweight's weapon FIST
Words of denial NOTI
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