How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 09 2009

''A guy walks into a ___ ...'' BAR
''Anything ___?'' ELSE
''Don't rush into anything!'' EASY
''I ___ My Love a Cherry'' GAVE
''Pure ___'' (1950 jazz album) ELLA
''The Name of the Rose'' writer Umberto ECO
''The ___ of the Yankees'' PRIDE
After-dinner speaker TOASTMASTER
Allowance for weight TARE
Analysis subjects EGOS
Assist nefariously ABET
Awkward fellow GALOOT
Band follower? AID
Beastly bloke OGRE
Big cheese in Greece? FETA
Clip joints? SALONS
Collarless robe CAFTAN
Consider, as in a high court HEAR
Court's dishonor CONTEMPT
Cut of beef LOIN
Cy Young Award winner Martinez PEDRO
Daredevil's asset NERVE
Desist partner CEASE
Dogfight maneuver BARRELROLL
Elevated row TIER
Enter GOIN
Eye lewdly LEER
Famously connected actor KEVINBACON
Gray with age HOARY
Hide among pioneers? DEERSKIN
High point ACME
Honeybun DEARY
Hotelier Helmsley LEONA
Idyllic gardens EDENS
In the style of, on a menu ALA
Inexperienced one NAIF
Intoxicating, as wine HEADY
Irish and beef, for two STEWS
It may have a filling filling PIE
Lily relative ALOE
Lovers' engagement TRYST
Maximum bet LIMIT
Membership list ROTA
Minor memory failures LAPSES
Nonhuman carpenters ANTS
Noteworthy sign EXIT
Officially sanctioned LEGAL
Operatic performance ARIA
Pig and Whistle order ALE
Place for cowards? REAR
Prepared introduction? ILL
Provencal love song ALBA
Radio-active truckers? CBERS
Roman greetings AVES
Sal of ''Rebel Without a Cause'' MINEO
Santa Fe brick ADOBE
Shawm descendant OBOE
Site of a famous campanile PISA
Slathered frosting on ICED
Specialized vocabulary ARGOT
Sport involving birds FALCONRY
Spot for a large picture book COFFEETABLE
Steers out of control? STAMPEDE
Stubborn person's word WONT
Swedish form of Lawrence LARS
Tastefully luxurious ELEGANT
The Swiss Guards serve him POPE
Toon panda ANDY
Traffic (in) DEAL
Type of grease AXLE
Unexpected pleasure TREAT
Up to the task CAPABLE
Waggish individual CARD
Well-put APT
Well-ventilated AIRY
Wine quality NOSE
Word before and after ''against'' HOPE
Wormer in ''Animal House,'' e.g. DEAN
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