How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 09 2008

''... slithy toves did ___ and gimble'' (''Jabberwocky'') GYRE
''Don't make ___!'' AMOVE
''Iliad'' character ARES
''Star Trek'' producer Roddenberry GENE
''___ in apple'' AAS
AAA offerings RTS
Aboveboard, slangily LEGIT
Acting major DRAMA
Adjusted guitar strings TUNED
Albatross ONUS
Alternatives OPTIONS
Appear to be SEEM
Application-form blank NAME
Arctic masses BERGS
Attic function STORAGE
Awake and aware ALERT
Bells the cat DARES
Bit in a salad bar RADISH
Box camera entrepreneur EASTMAN
Bug-eyed AGOG
Cell body SOMA
Chancel garments ALBS
Chivalrous chaps GENTS
Comstock's discovery LODE
Crimson's rival ELI
Delhi gown SARI
Deli sandwich SUBMARINE
Door-to-door company AVON
Dripping WET
Driver's selection? IRON
Eye ailment STYE
Fedora feature BRIM
Flashy SHOWY
Former French coin ECU
Furnace part DAMPER
Glassmaker Lalique RENE
Hasenpfeffer and hot pot STEWS
He wrote ''The Name of the Rose'' ECO
Horace or Thomas MANN
Improve, as text EMEND
Inland craft RIVERBOAT
It can be blown FUSE
It gets the party going ICEBREAKER
Its cabins aren't rustic OCEANLINER
Like 80 proof liquor STRONG
Like some markets BEARISH
Little detail SPEC
Long-winded one GASBAG
Loose things ENDS
Macaroni type ELBOW
Mariner's home SEATTLE
Mixed dish OLIO
No longer available TAKEN
O'Hare abbr. ARR
Obstinate animal MULE
Off course AWRY
Orchard chemical ALAR
Pauley Pavilion locale UCLA
Petal perfume ATTAR
Rat-themed movie or song BEN
Resided, to the Bard DWELT
Rip apart REND
Sneeze response word BLESS
Stable diet? FEED
Sunday songs HYMNS
The Italian Stallion in films ROCKY
The two of 1997 NINES
Transude SEEP
Trapshooting SKEET
Walking ___ (elated) ONAIR
Went hastily SCOOTED
Western scene VISTA
Where hurling originated EIRE
Windward Island St. ___ LUCIA
___ and don'ts DOS
___ Harbour, Fla. BAL
___-Roman wrestling GRECO
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