How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 08 2008

''A League of ___ Own'' THEIR
''Do the Right Thing'' actress Rosie PEREZ
''Lucky Jim'' novelist AMIS
''Not a creature was stirring'' time EVE
''The Picture of Dorian Gray'' author WILDE
''The Thousand and One Nights'' voyager SINBAD
Act like a wolf OGLE
Adjusts, as sails TRIMS
Agrees nonverbally NODS
Allocation word PER
Allot METE
And nothing more ONLY
Animation or spirit PEP
Antiquity, in antiquity ELD
Attend GOTO
Awkward one OAF
Basking layabout SUNBATHER
Be a mother to REAR
Better than never? LATE
Body of values ETHIC
Botanical envelope ARIL
Bring on the decorator REDO
Brownish gray TAUPE
Butter replacement OLEO
Cardamom or caraway HERB
Cause of some allergic reactions SHELLFISH
Causes gridlock, perhaps MERGES
Centigrade freezing point ZERO
certain female voice ALTO
Certain Indian garment SARI
Chambermaid's charge LINEN
Chinese monetary unit YUAN
Clinched, as a victory ICED
Clothing GARB
Color unlikely to clash ECRU
Convection or Dutch OVEN
Dangerous bacteria ECOLI
Decorous PROPER
Deep-six SCRAP
Desert refuges OASES
Didn't print, as a news story KILLED
Discount recipient SENIOR
Discovery some attribute to Jolliet ERIE
Draft animals OXEN
Ducky shade TEAL
E-mail forerunner TELEX
Employ a certain sense HEAR
European capital OSLO
Express discontent REPINE
Far from worthless UTILE
Feline convenience CATBOX
Fine-tunes ADJUSTS
Flying machine WHIRLYBIRD
Frederic Chopin's writer friend GEORGESAND
Freezer staple ICETRAY
Frontiersman James BOWIE
Gavel-banger's cry ORDER
German river EMS
Get one's juices flowing AROUSE
Gets ready for the performance REHEARSES
Glamour rival ELLE
Goddess of abundance OPS
Greek vowels IOTAS
Grimm villain OGRE
Grind (one's teeth) GNASH
H. Hughes once controlled it TWA
Had in mind MEANT
Hard, crisp breads RUSKS
Have confidence in (with ''on'') RELY
Hoggery STY
Inhaled anesthetic of old ETHER
Islamic commander EMIR
It can break up a break-in ALARM
It may be combed BEACH
It's brought up on your birthday AGE
Junkyard dogs CURS
Kind of alcohol ETHYL
Kind of shot FLU
Kitchen contrivances MICROWAVES
Large amount SCAD
Leaping rodent JERBOA
Least incompetent ABLEST
Lisper's bane ESSES
Lover who lived by the Hellespont HERO
Magazine supplies AMMO
Make one's way WEND
Manipulate dough KNEAD
Marisa of ''What Women Want'' TOMEI
Maximum-star review RAVE
Meander ROAM
Michelangelo masterpiece PIETA
Moves furtively SIDLES
Netherworld river STYX
New Zealander of Polynesian descent MAORI
Nom de plume ALIAS
Not a bad way to leave Vegas EVEN
Old Irish alphabet OGHAM
Open wasteland HEATH
Part of a Three Stooges routine SLAPS
Partisanship BIAS
Perimeter EDGE
Phoebe, to Mnemosyne SISTER
Poetic metrical units (Var.) IAMBI
Pointless INANE
Pond, poetically MERE
Potato protuberances EYES
Prickly plants BRIERS
Profundity DEPTH
Pyromaniac's crime ARSON
Radar screen image BLIP
React to spilled milk CRY
Resort near Copper Mountain VAIL
Ring letters TKO
Ring of Fire output LAVA
Run for the money RACE
Russian pancakes BLINIS
SALT signer USSR
Selma and Patty's kin MARGE
Seventh-day activity REST
Shipwreck signal SOS
Shocking surprises BOMBSHELLS
Shooting game SKEET
Shrillness STRIDENCY
Sigma Chi, e.g. FRAT
Sites for small schools AQUARIA
Small stream RUNNEL
Small wading bird SANDPIPER
Snow clearer PLOW
Solemn song DIRGE
Some bones ULNAS
Steep rock CRAG
Strong revulsion DISGUST
Sudden thrust LUNGE
Surprise-party command HIDE
Sympathy's partner TEA
Synthetic rubber BUTYL
Tale on a grand scale EPIC
Talker with a beak MYNA
Tennis tactic LOB
The two BOTH
Toddler perches LAPS
Tom of fiction SAWYER
Tropical vine LIANA
Trunk, in art class TORSO
Type of buds TASTE
Venice-to-Naples dir. SSE
Very serious GRAVE
Water color? AQUA
Wave rider SURFBOARD
Where the Styx flows HADES
Windward's opposite ALEE
Word with ''shell'' or ''Bell'' TACO
Work at a checkout counter BAG
You don't need a license to fly it KITE
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