How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 07 2019

"Bad Moon Rising" band, briefly ccr
"Don't go!" stay
"I'm standing right here!" ahem
"On Bended Knee" group, or a hint to the starred answers' first three letters boyziimen
"___ be surprised!" youd
*Barrier-breaking bang sonicboom
*SoCal ballplayer ladodger
*Temptation for Odysseus sirensong
*Venezuelans' neighbors guyanese
Abase degrade
Absolute utter
Adjusts, as a clock sets
Art Deco artist erte
Author Roald dahl
Babysitter's reading material? riotact
Bagel's shape torus
Beverage server, quaintly barmaid
Biblical peak (BONE anagram) nebo
Bonanza find ore
Bounded along loped
Brit's bathroom lav
Building near a silo barn
Can't stand detests
Composer Brian eno
Crazy way to run amok
Dallas suburb plano
Dyed fabric batik
Easy pace jogtrot
Egging on goading
Electric dart shooter taser
Erstwhile onetime
Flipper fin
Floppy beagle part ear
Florence's river arno
Frosted flakes snow
Gangster's gun gat
Half of bi- uni
Hudson ___ bay
Jellyfish that are named for a Gorgon medusas
Kind of lox nova
Knight who found the Holy Grail galahad
Lawn border tool edger
Lions' prey gnus
Loch ___ ness
Magic charm mojo
Mark on an exam? erasure
Moscow mule or White Russian drink
Native New Zealander maori
Old Italian bills lire
Olympic sleds luges
Online publication ezine
PC corner key ctrl
Pessimistic word, even when "no" is removed cannot
Possible score after deuce adin
Put into position emplace
R.R. stop stn
Raised elevated
Samantha of "The Collector" eggar
Sleepover game challenges dares
Slightly sweet, as wine semidry
Spain's former "river of gold" territory riodeoro
Steamy literature erotica
Stinks reeks
Sty sound oink
Sty woe odor
Tennis legend Chris evert
Top or bottom bed bunk
Vegan protein tofu
Vinyl collectible album
Violent Greek god ares
Wall-covering person paperer
Warning about a dog beware
Word before "love" or "story" true
Yellowfin tuna ahi
___ on the back pat
___-frutti tutti
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