How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 07 2017

"Rat" suffix ION
"Wanted" initials AKA
"West" suffixes ERNS
2.60 for Noah Syndergaard in 2016 ERA
A little, musically POCO
Abstract visual images genre OPART
Acid type AMINO
Agenda unit ITEM
Ankle-length cloak CAFTAN
Arcade failure TILT
Attention-getting shout HEY
Batted first LEDOFF
Belted out notes SUNG
Bit of prevention? OUNCE
Blueprint contents PLAN
Caesar's native tongue LATIN
Create charged particles IONIZE
Cut of beef ROAST
Deep-voiced one at the opera BASSO
Deli condiment, briefly MAYO
Desktop clicker MOUSE
Detective Wolfe NERO
Dickens' Heep URIAH
Egyptian canal SUEZ
Erupt, as a volcano SPEW
Fabric-eater in a closet MOTH
Far from pleased as punch UNHAPPY
High nest AERIE
Hree for here, e.g TYPO
Intertwine MESH
Invitation request RSVP
Legendary Ethel of Broadway MERMAN
Like a broken-in easy chair COMFORTABLE
Like some peppers HOT
Liver fluid BILE
Long land depression VALE
Make dirty money appear clean LAUNDER
Marina sight PIER
Mean partner? LEAN
Mideast port ADEN
One of the three bears MAMA
Pleasing to the mind GRATIFYING
Printing liquid INK
Ran off FLED
Ravel masterwork BOLERO
Removal mark of editors DELE
Removes writing ERASES
Reunion member ALUM
Ring ___ (lawn game) TOSS
Riotous disturbance TUMULT
Rock climber's resting place LEDGE
Ryan and Tilly of Tinseltown MEGS
Second word of many fairy tales UPON
Snacks topped with cheese NACHOS
Snooty one SNOB
Some baitfish CHUBS
Some lilies SEGOS
Some till bills ONES
Some tropical fruits MANGOS
Something to wear in the fall SWEATER
Sounds from pigs OINKS
Southwest plateau MESA
Stripe-legged animal OKAPI
Strong desires YENS
Strong fiber SISAL
Sudden forward movement LUNGE
Swift pass receivers ENDS
Take food into the body INGEST
Things with worms attached RODS
Tiller locale, to those onboard AFT
Translucent, milky gemstone OPAL
Type of bean (var.) SOYA
Word after "long" AGO
Word shouted at church, sometimes BINGO
___ firma TERRA
___-tingling SPINE
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