How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 07 2002

"King David" star GERE
"Zorba the Greek" actress PAPAS
''... ___ of thieves'' (Matthew 21:13) ADEN
''Take a number'' site DELI
''Your'' of yore THINE
--- mater ALMA
A step up? RUNG
A woman's bow CURTSY
Agent's authority POWEROFATTORNEY
Annoyed state IRE
Appease SATE
Better at stand-up FUNNIER
Big city newspaper desk METRO
Big wrestler SUMO
Blender setting PUREE
Blue dye INDIGO
Body shop reckoning ESTIMATE
Burdensome boss TASKMASTER
Cauthen or Martin STEVE
Chief plotter RINGLEADER
Church recess APSE
City on the Black Sea ODESSA
Clark's traveling partner LEWIS
Clinton's Ditch (canal) ERIE
Clock change inits. DST
Clothes presser of yore SADIRON
Coconut meat COPRA
Compassionate letters TLC
Comprehended GRASPED
Converted a check CASHED
Cutting the mustard ABLE
Damsel's deliverer HERO
Dennis of comics, for one MENACE
Dined out ATE
Disagreeably damp DANK
Disembarked LEFT
Dispassionate person STOIC
Elm, Main, et al. STS
Emphatic affirmation, in Mexico SISI
Entertainer Shore DINAH
Entertainer's representative AGENT
Essential cell strand RNA
Fellow CHAP
Fiddled (with) TOYED
Fields of interest AREAS
Fiery gem OPAL
Figure-skater Midori ITO
Fraught with extreme danger DIRE
Frees of RIDS
German / Czech river ODER
Hades waterway STYX
Has high regard for RESPECTS
He may be watching you BIGBROTHER
Headey or Horne LENA
Health establishments SPAS
Heart part AURICLE
Hebrew calendar month ADAR
Hollywood release MOVIE
Hotel amenities SPAS
Illicit use of authority STRONGARMTACTIC
Incubation site NEST
Indisposed LOATH
Insertion indicator CARET
Insurance policy specification TERM
Involves ENTAILS
Issue forth EMIT
It goes downhill fast SLED
Jetson's hound ASTRO
Jimi Hendrix's collection AXES
Joule fragments ERGS
Kaline and Capone ALS
Kind of radiation GAMMA
La ___ (Milanese opera house) SCALA
Last word from Kasparov? MATE
Laugh-a-minute types RIOTS
Leave in the lurch ABANDON
Like London in 1666 AFIRE
Little house on the prairie? TEPEE
Long-nosed fish GAR
Lucid SANE
Make a fool of DUPE
Make manifest EVINCE
Make sharper HONE
Mansard overhang EAVE
Mongolia's ___ Bator ULAN
Name in brewing PABST
Name in shampoo PRELL
Night before EVE
Oculist's study EYES
On open waters ASEA
Opera with elephants AIDA
Ordinary writing PROSE
Papermaking ingredient PULP
Parkay, for one OLEO
Part man? ACTOR
Pinnacles ZENITHS
Postal device SCALE
Postgrad deg. MBA
Powder mineral TALC
Presses into service USES
Prisoner of hope OPTIMIST
Proven otherwise ISNT
Puny parasite MITE
Put up on the wall HANG
Random number generators DICE
Reason for decoration VALOR
Recreational racers GOKARTS
Redecorating choice HUE
Relative of "thud!" SPLAT
Return, as a favor REPAY
Roofing material SLATE
Routine ROTE
Ruckus TODO
Sanction wrongdoing ABET
Sapsucker's home NEST
Scholarly authority MASTEROFSCIENCE
Scrub, Cape Kennedy-style ABORT
Self-centered cheese? PARMESAN
Sergeants and corporals NCOS
She was born free ELSA
Shipping mogul Onassis ARI
Silver impurity DROSS
Site for tying knots ALTAR
Sleep restlessly TOSS
Small bits of matter ATOMS
Star-studded ski mecca ASPEN
Stop waffling OPT
Swallow hurriedly GULP
Sword superior PEN
Take a dentist's advice FLOSS
Takes into a count? ADDS
Telegraphic period STOP
Tent pole, e.g. PROP
Torrid or temperate, e.g. ZONE
Transportation mode RAIL
Trig. function COS
Two-year-old's assertion MINE
Type of soldier TIN
Uses a blue pencil EDITS
Watergate tape problem GAP
What a game may break ICE
Wine taster's pride PALATE
Word on a certain door LADIES
Word on an urgent message ASAP
Word said while raising a hand HERE
Word with family or shoe TREE
Word with move, tag or string ALONG
Word with truth or ambition NAKED
Yon maiden fair HER
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