How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 05 2014

"... __ and gimble in the wabe" (Carroll) GYRE
"Am I my brother's keeper?" speaker CAIN
"As ___ instructions" PER
"Au revoir" ADIEU
"Charlotte's ___" WEB
"Contra-" relative ANTI
"Kama ___" (Hindu love manual) SUTRA
"Star Trek" phaser setting STUN
12-step program's recommendation TOTALABSTINENCE
1970s musical genre DISCO
757 heading, sometimes ENE
A film 007 MOORE
A schooner has two MASTS
Apothecaries' units DRAMS
Back then, back then ERST
Baker's purchase YEAST
Bay in the stable ROAN
Bookish bunch LITERATI
Bring an aircraft down LAND
Burglar THIEF
Camp residence TENT
Certain believers in God DEISTS
Cheerleader's shout RAH
Choice on many a test TRUE
Comes to a halt ENDS
Division of a school year TERM
Earp of the Old West WYATT
Eloquent speaker ORATOR
Emit amplified light LASE
Examine in detail SCAN
Fairy-tale frog transformer KISS
Finished a cupcake? ICED
Forgets about OMITS
French city on the Strait of Dover CALAIS
Fur wrap STOLE
Go ballistic SNAP
Greek architectural style IONIC
Griddle alternative FRYPAN
Hibernation habitats DENS
It's not on the standard bill ADDEDATTRACTION
It's raised by a toaster GLASS
Itineraries ROUTES
Japanese cartooning style ANIME
Judaism : kosher :: Islam : ___ HALAL
Lawyers' grp ABA
Lively songs LILTS
Make tracks on a mountainside SKI
Maltreat ABUSE
More timid SHYER
Nabisco mainstay OREO
Neither great nor awful SOSO
Oktoberfest quaff BEER
Omega's opposite ALPHA
Pause, on a music staff REST
Physicist's study ATOM
Pickle flavoring DILL
Pillow covering SHAM
Pivots SLUES
Render a verdict RULE
Reveal BARE
Scout's info-gathering assignment RECON
Seasoned, in a way PEPPERED
Sir Geraint's wife ENID
Some of it may be auctioned off MILITARYSURPLUS
Spanish Surrealist Joan MIRO
Spreadsheet contents DATA
Surname assigned to an unknown DOE
Tex-Mex munchie TACO
They don't compare with oranges APPLES
Trendy berry ACAI
Unconscious states COMAS
What the "poor dog" had NONE
Without assistance ALONE
Word with red or army ANT
___ acid (protein component) AMINO
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