How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 04 2013

"Purlie" star Moore MELBA
"Who am ___ judge?" ITO
'60s counterculture hallucinogen LSD
1889 tower designer EIFFEL
Abbr. on a business card TEL
Abdominoplasty, familiarly TUMMYTUCK
Accumulates AMASSES
Amateurs TYROS
Antacid target STOMACHACHE
Bahrain big shot EMIR
Ballet outfit TUTU
Bank deposit? SILT
Bit of repartee BONMOT
Black and white dunker OREO
Boxing ring boundaries ROPES
Brown shade TAUPE
Caesar's X TEN
Canton bordering Lake Lucerne URI
Casts off skin MOLTS
Cause of a big splash BELLYFLOP
Certain Asian royal RANI
Check information DATE
Colonial insect ANT
Copier paper order REAM
Cry out sharply, as a dog YELP
Desert dweller CAMEL
Did a fall chore RAKED
Dishware flaw CHIP
Dodge socially SHUN
Early Biblical victim ABEL
Elbow bone ULNA
Eyed tuber SPUD
Famous film falcon's home MALTA
Felt nostalgic PINED
Fencer's blade EPEE
Greeting in Honolulu ALOHA
Hurricane-___ winds FORCE
Inclined to sulk POUTY
Inquires ASKS
Instinctive response GUTREACTION
Loathe HATE
Looney Tunes animator Freleng FRIZ
Machine gun setting RAPIDFIRE
Minute amount IOTA
Modify appropriately ADAPT
Moved like a pitched softball ARCED
New newt EFT
Not likely to bite TAME
Off in the distance AFAR
On the ocean blue ATSEA
Org. for doctors AMA
Part of a deli COUNTER
Passover ball MATZO
PC shortcut MACRO
Perpendicular to the keel ABEAM
Pipe bend ELL
Playing marble AGATE
Political power structure APPARAT
Quiz choice, perhaps TRUE
Require NEED
Semicircular church area APSE
Sheltered, nautically ALEE
Small Indian hand drum TABLA
Some survey responses YESES
Sport played in a pool POLO
Stage accessory PROP
Super conclusion? DUPER
Sweeping story EPIC
They're high-toned FALSETTOS
Timeline divisions ERAS
Titleist perches TEES
Toward the stern AFT
Voice derision toward BOO
Where research is done LAB
Windy day toy KITE
___ of expertise AREAS
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