How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 03 2008

''... gathers no ___'' MOSS
''Breakdown ahead'' warning FLARE
''Breathing Lessons'' author Tyler ANNE
''Diff'rent Strokes'' actress Plato DANA
''Goldfinger'' weapon LASER
''Lost in Yonkers'' character BELLA
''No ___ allowed'' PETS
''Touch of ___'' (Welles film) EVIL
''Well, ___ that special?'' ISNT
1,000 liters STERE
Ability to hit pitches? EAR
Abstract images OPART
Accident letters EMS
Act peevishly toward SNAPAT
Airline ticket word, sometimes VIA
All-purpose vehicle, for short UTE
Allegro ___ (music direction) ASSAI
Ancient Persian governor SATRAP
Ankle bone TALUS
Appeases hunger SATES
Appointer of Kuwait's prime minister EMIR
Apron wearers, traditionally MAS
Asian sauce SOY
Ballet school handrail BARRE
Barrel's inside diameter BORE
Bemoans RUES
Billet-doux MASHNOTE
Bowling pin material MAPLE
Browning work? TAN
Cheep accommodations? NEST
Church area APSE
Cloak-and-dagger org. CIA
Country lass WENCH
Couturier's concern STYLE
Date qualifier CIRCA
Didn't save SPENT
Eclectic assortment OLIO
Enthralls, slangily SENDS
European auto import OPEL
Feature in Harper's or The Atlantic ESSAY
Gambled poorly LOSTONESSHIRT
Get better, as a cut HEAL
Gets a party going BREAKSTHETIE
Getting warm, say NEAR
Hazel tree relative ALDER
High-ranking angel SERAPH
Is the head of the household WEARSTHEPANTS
Just gets by (with ''out'') EKES
Keeper's charge INN
Like Sibelius' valse TRISTE
Like things that go bump in the night EERIE
Lobotomy reminder SCAR
Make a change for the verse? EDIT
Mime group, e.g. TROUPE
Molded ice cream BOMBE
No frill, this NEED
Not repeatedly ONCE
One who puts the punch in punch LACER
One who swings a good deal APE
Part of a cheerleader's uniform MINI
Patch sticker BRIER
Scenic walk PASEO
Semi radios CBS
Soak, as flax RET
Starch from palms SAGO
Television, newspapers and such MASSMEDIA
Terminal letters ETA
Tough to get your hands on RARE
Umlauts' kin (Var.) DIERESES
Undoing, as an act REPEALING
Unit of Cambodian currency RIEL
Whom ''my heart belongs to'' DADDY
Word in a Cagney impersonation RAT
Word with ''in and of'' ITSELF
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