How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 02 2019

"Nova" network pbs
"Peter Peter Pumpkin ___" eater
"Star Trek: T.N.G." counselor troi
1945 conference site yalta
22nd and 24th president grovercleveland
A chip, sometimes ante
A locksmith may replace them lostkeys
Actor Mineo sal
Attorney's reference book lawencyclopedia
Baseball's "Hammerin' Hank" aaron
Be of use avail
Before, poetically ere
Bluetooth speaker maker aiwa
Builds, as a monument erects
Burden onus
Chemist's container vial
Code-breaker Turing alan
Crazy in love gaga
Dice game shout yahtzee
Do a telemarketer's job call
Donut quantity dozen
Eight: Prefix octo
Fizzling firework dud
Folk story tale
Frisbee brand whamo
Gait faster than a walk trot
Gin cocktail fruit sloe
Groups of Across clues rows
Gym socks' smell odor
Hay bound with twine bale
Justice Samuel alito
Kool-___ aid
Last name of the fictional people at the ends of 17-, 27-, 50- and 65-Across brown
Lead the people govern
Like a 1-800 number tollfree
Like some temporary tattoos rubon
Little League equipment bats
Loan shark's crime usury
London restroom loo
Minuscule amount iota
Moved using long steps strode
Muffin-rising site oven
Multiple choice choices abcd
Muralist Diego rivera
Not in mint condition used
Not out? awake
Olympic torchbearer Muhammad ali
Org. with agents cia
Oscar or Grammy award
Partner of "hemmed" hawed
Pop star, perhaps idol
Prefix with "friendly" eco
Provide funding for endow
Rank below marquess earl
Really funny person riot
Rich soil loam
Rose before it grows bud
Rx writer doc
Sets of principles credos
Sight from sea land
Slow tempo lento
Software programmer, slangily dev
Soup alternative salad
Sport-___ (SUV) ute
StarKist tuna catchphrase sorrycharlie
Stone-skipping paths arcs
Tacks on adds
Tamer of wild horses broncobuster
Three card trey
Trust relyon
Unknown quote source, briefly anon
Very beginning getgo
Well-done's opposite rare
What's discharged outflow
Work hard for earn
Workbench object tool
Yank's foe reb
___ in a million one
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