How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 02 2013

"Adam Bede" author George ELIOT
"Arrested Development" character Steve HOLT
"Blame it on the Bossa ___" NOVA
"I, Robot" author Asimov ISAAC
"St." in Brazil SAO
"The best ___ schemes ..." LAID
"To ___ it may concern" WHOM
"___ pleasure!" WITH
'70s supergroup ASIA
A sister of Clio ERATO
Act the loving grandparent DOTE
Aluminum discoverer OERSTED
Arrive at the airport, say LAND
Backing for plasterwork LATHS
Beer blast centerpiece KEG
Begin, as bad weather SETIN
Café patrons EATERS
Change south of the border PESOS
Cheers' opposites BOOS
Circle of flowers LEI
Circus staple TRAPEZE
Clues, to a detective LEADS
Cravings and Japanese coins YENS
Cushy piece of furniture SOFA
Dance where "you turn yourself around" HOKEYPOKEY
Diminutive TINY
Ducky shade of blue TEAL
Expose, as skin BARE
Fancy bathroom fixtures BIDETS
Far from family-friendly LEWD
Feel the same way AGREE
Flashy car accessories MAGS
Floral arrangement SPRAY
Friction easer OIL
Ginger ale or root beer SODAPOP
Gulliver's creator SWIFT
He's a doll KEN
It was formerly Christiania OSLO
Kind of first-aid pencil STYPTIC
Letter flourish SERIF
Long, involved story SAGA
Man with dark hair BRUNET
Many a jazz combo TRIO
Mary of cosmetics KAY
Miner's path ADIT
Moises, Felipe or Jesus of baseball lore ALOU
Morally smug person PRIG
More than desire NEED
Musical melodrama OPERA
One more is a crowd TWO
Over-easy item EGG
Partner of "done with" OVER
Pigeon variety FANTAIL
Poet Teasdale SARA
Primal impulse URGE
Professor's deg PHD
Ring of the Fisherman wearer POPE
Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs hit WOOLYBULLY
Sinewy and lean WIRY
Some members of la familia TIOS
Sound system of yesteryear HIFI
Sticky pine stuff RESIN
Sweeper's need DUSTPAN
Therapeutic plants ALOES
Time for some raids PREDAWN
Tug-of-war TUSSLE
Two-way communications device WALKIETALKIE
Type of wine ROSE
Unclean, by Jewish law TREF
Up-tempo jazz style BOOGIEWOOGIE
Used to own HAD
Vice squad venture RAID
War board game RISK
Wear away over time ERODE
You can't divide by it ZERO
Young falcon or hawk EYAS
___ out a living (gets by) EKES
___ terrier (Scottish breed) SKYE
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