How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 02 2006

''Believe It or ___!'' NOT
''Bonanza'' star Lorne GREENE
''The Insect Play'' author CAPEK
''The sky is falling'' declarer HENNYPENNY
''Wheel of Fortune'' request, perhaps ANI
Admonition to Fido STAY
Adv. business degree MBA
American chameleon ANOLE
Barbecue bit RIB
Bean sort LIMA
Break REST
Bring in the sheaves, e.g. REAP
Brolly alternatives MACS
Certain army officers (Abbr.) GENS
Certain broadcasting co. CBS
Chancel BEMA
Circle segments ARCS
Circus feature BIGTOP
Colonial clothing material DEERSKIN
Complain unreasonably CARP
Cornea's companion SCLERA
Cotillion kid, for short DEB
Crossed letter TEE
Culinary herb THYME
Daybreak direction EAST
Deadly fly TSETSE
Deeply engrossed RAPT
Director Burton TIM
E-mails anew RESENDS
Employ a Singer, e.g. SEW
Enfant terrible BRAT
Entered data into a computer KEYED
Financial support SUBSIDY
Fortifications with double parapets REDANS
Gate fastener LATCH
Grant's Civil War foe LEE
Grapefruit hybrid UGLI
Hardly Mr. Right CAD
Hoggish comment OINK
Humdrum BLAH
Hydrant attachment HOSE
Inactive state TORPOR
Knob on a branch NODE
Land between India and Tibet NEPAL
Length X width AREA
Like gentlemen's agreements ORAL
Like George Carlin's weather man HIPPYDIPPY
Make unfashionable OUTMODE
Manor near Twelve Oaks TARA
Microscopic creature AMEBA
Mouth moistener SALIVA
Nautical spar MAST
Neuters SPAYS
NNW opposite SSE
Oft-repeated word in ''Fargo'' YAH
Pie parts CRUSTS
Pre-op inhalant, once ETHER
Prefix meaning ''within'' ENDO
Pro opposite ANTI
Property attachment LIEN
Resident DWELLER
Retro art style DECO
Reveres ADORES
Rival of 23-Across NBC
Separate APART
Some building extensions ELLS
Some cards SPADES
Songwriter Sondheim STEPHEN
Take after taxes NET
Type of record ALLTIME
Urges YENS
Use a paper towel BLOT
Warsaw is its cap. POL
Well-heeled RICH
What Oscar Madison wasn't NEAT
Word with pizza or special DELIVERY
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