How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Sep 05 2008

'Jake's Women' playwright SIMON
'Jersey Boys' name VALLI
'Muskrat Ramble' composer ORY
'Sort of' suffix ISH
'Sunny, ___ true, I love you' (1966 Bobby Hebb lyric) ONESO
'Survivor' side TRIBE
'___ behold!' LOAND
'___ for Me' ('State Fair' song) THATS
'___ Majesty's Secret Service' ONHER
1917 newsmaker LENIN
1927's Flying Cloud, for one REO
1979 Billy Joel single HONESTY
AARP member SNR
Absorb deeply SOAKIN
Achieve all one's demands BATATHOUSAND
AFL partner CIO
Article in Le Monde UNE
Atlantis owner NASA
Bad reception? ICINESS
Began a hole TEED
Bent over STOOPED
Bird calls TWEETS
Blues group, for short NHL
Bric-a-___ BRAC
Brick-carrying aid HOD
Brutus, for one STABBER
Buff buffs NUDISTS
Bumped into MET
Cannes cops FLICS
Cell features IRONBARS
Center of action ARENA
Co. begun as a tea seller AANDP
Colgate-endorsing org. ADA
Convention-flouting art DADA
Coordinate closely MESH
Correo ___ (airmail to Mexico) AEREO
Cousins of the Winnebago OTOE
Crackers LOCO
Cup o' joe JAVA
D-Back, for one NLER
Daily cause of stress RATRACE
Daly's TV co-star GLESS
Decline SAG
Deli delight LOX
Dinger on the diamond HOMER
Disenchanted SOUR
Doesn't give one's best effort MAILSITIN
Ed, to Ralph PAL
Enliven PEPUP
Extends the negotiating clock beyond the deadline GOESINTOEXTRAINNINGS
Farm team OXEN
For ___ (not pro bono) AFEE
General who defeated Antony and Cleopatra AGRIPPA
Glade target ODOR
Gooey stuff OOZE
Goose eggs NAUGHTS
GOP operative, e.g. POL
Gorilla researcher Fossey DIAN
Gown material TAFFETA
Green agcy. EPA
Handy carrier TOTEBAG
Hanoi holiday TET
Hardly close to a settlement NOTINTHESAMEBALLPARK
Heineken bottle feature REDSTAR
Huey Lewis's desire in a 1984 song NEWDRUG
Income source JOB
Indy 500 advertiser STP
Infiniti alternative LEXUS
Is a tough negotiator PLAYSHARDBALL
Is short with SNAPSAT
It merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon GTE
Jack of 'The Great Dictator' OAKIE
Joined, in a way TENONED
Keep an ___ (mind) EYEON
Keeps back WITHHOLDS
Like a new outfield SODDY
Lime, e.g. OXIDE
Long time follower? NOSEE
Longtime Howard Hughes holding TWA
Loud, when scoring FFF
Louis XIV, par exemple ROI
Memo heading INRE
Morose GLUM
Negotiators who are mostly talk GRANDSTANDERS
Not working LAIDOFF
O.T. book CHR
Offers a new proposal STEPSUPTOTHEPLATE
Olympians with weapons EPEEISTS
One-time capital of Japan NARA
Ones brought in to negotiate parts of contracts DESIGNATEDHITTERS
Paul's 'Exodus' co-star SAL
PDF creator ADOBE
Perfect HONE
Peyton Manning, before becoming an alum VOL
Pitcher's no-no BALK
Plane that needs little runway, briefly STOL
Plant again RESOW
Platter player HIFI
Polish language EDIT
Put in storage MOTHBALL
Rabbit chaser of fiction ALICE
Rain-___ (gumball brand) BLO
Ross Sea sights FLOES
Rubberneck GAPE
Ruling groups REGIMES
Sarnoff's co. RCA
Scott Adams rodent RATBERT
Seller of Billy bookcases IKEA
Small stretch FIB
Small town BURG
Some pitchers EWERS
Sony co-founder Morita AKIO
Soup with sushi MISO
Spins logs BIRLS
Stage direction EXIT
Start of an opinion IDSAY
Subjugated ENSLAVED
Suffered from HAD
T-shirt choice LARGE
Take advantage of the other side's error CATCHOFFBASE
Tennis scores after deuce ADINS
Thumbs-up responses AOKS
Tom Joad, e.g. OKIE
Tree with pods CACAO
Tuned in AWARE
Uptown, in NYC NNE
Weapon named for its Israeli designer UZI
Welcome sight OASIS
When to take a hike? ONTWO
Willy Loman's elder son BIFF
___ disadvantage ATA
___ Novo (Benin capital) PORTO
___ Tzu (short-legged dog) SHIH
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