How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Sep 02 2011

'A Fish Called Wanda' Oscar winner KLINE
'A Sorta Fairytale' singer TORIAMOS
'Ah, yes' ISEE
'Monarch of the Glen' airer? BUTTERFLYNETWORK
'Nabucco' composer VERDI
'Oh, what a world!' ALAS
'Oliver Twist' villain Bill SIKES
'Shoot!' ASK
'Sports et Divertissements' composer SATIE
1997 title role for Peter Fonda ULEE
Acid type AMINO
App representation ICON
Area with a vault APSE
Arson aftermath ASHES
Believers ISTS
Bond of a sort WELD
Book before Habakkuk NAHUM
Bookbinder's collection AWLS
Bottle rocket that takes off like a flash? RAPIDFIREWORK
Busy hands TARS
Calc prerequisite TRIG
Calligrapher's supply INK
Check TEST
Cigarette mktg. watchdog FDA
Claim AVER
Clause negator NOR
Clementine's cousin ORANGE
Colorless ketone ACETOL
Concern of boxing and tennis coaches? ATHLETESFOOTWORK
Crude group OPEC
Deposit LAY
Doctoral hurdle ORAL
Easter egg hue LILAC
Elicit a smile from AMUSE
Embarrassing outburst SCENE
Emulates Liz and Dick REWEDS
End of this club TYPO
Euro divisions CENTS
Expert at filling potholes, perhaps? ONEFORTHEROADWORK
Expert on IRS forms CPA
Farrier's tool RASP
Fills up SATES
Film vault collection REELS
First name in infamy ADOLF
First name in spydom MATA
Five-peseta coin DURO
Flying Cloud maker REO
Foreigner, for one SEXTET
Forgo the alarm SLEEPLATE
Goes with the flow ADAPTS
Good thing to shoot PAR
Goya's 'Disasters of War,' for example? MARTIALARTWORK
Grassy tract LEA
Guitar great Steve VAI
Harris honorific BRER
Heavens: Prefix URANO
Hold a meeting SIT
House nail-biter CLOSEVOTE
It comes with a charge ION
It's subject to bruising EGO
Jack and Scotch PINES
Jargon ending ESE
John's ode to Yoko WOMAN
Kahlo's love RIVERA
Kind of deal or structure MEGA
Lead-in to a nostalgic observation TIMEWAS
Leave out SKIP
Like many a modern pirate SOMALI
Literature Nobelist Canetti ELIAS
Lunchbox treat OREO
Man's genus HOMO
Mare fare OATS
Mehta's successor at the New York Philharmonic MASUR
Melanin concentration MOLE
Merger exchange? IDOS
Mesquite feature POD
Mine locator SONAR
Mob target RAT
Mocking comments SNARK
More likely to earn a 'graphic violence' warning GORIER
Mount Narodnaya's range URALS
Not tricked by ONTO
Objective, e.g LENS
Off base? AWOL
Old newspaper section ROTO
Online view intro IMHO
Order to keep a fight from escalating WALKAWAY
Pan producer CRITIC
Partial dentures paid for by insurance? COVEREDBRIDGEWORK
Perp zappers TASERS
Personable NICE
Plotting, writing dialogue, designing sets and the like? PLAYGROUNDWORK
Portable dwelling TEPEE
Post-breakdown need TOW
Pound sound YELP
Prepare for roasting THAW
Pricey sheets GOLDLEAF
Prim skirt choice MAXI
Promote or demote RERANK
Put a new price on RETAG
Pvts. on foot INF
R&D setting LAB
Reason for a massage appointment SORENESS
Reliever's stat SAVES
River of Germany's steelmaking region RUHR
Scrape, in kidspeak OWIE
Second half of a court game ALAI
Serta choice TWIN
Settled ALIT
Shade provider DYE
Single-handedly ALONE
Sitar great Shankar RAVI
Sleep like ___ ALOG
Sound of disdain TSK
Speed bump, essentially RIDGE
Students saw things there WOODSHOP
Sun output RAYS
Teammate of Alex, Jorge and CC DEREK
The Big Apple GOTHAM
They run in families MINIVANS
Titan, to Saturn MOON
Top ten welfare screw-ups? WORSTCASEWORK
Track features LANES
Underscore STRESS
Unspeakable acts TABOOS
Unspoiled area EDEN
Vivacious quality ESPRIT
Was lured in BIT
White wine of Italy SOAVE
Who once went by NEE
Will with a lasso ROGERS
With a will TESTATE
Zagat guide contributor RATER
___ doble (fast-paced ballroom dance) PASO
___ number on DOA
___ to go RARIN
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